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Firearm Owner’s Freedom at the Cross Roads.

Thoughts For The Week.
Firearm Owner’s Freedom at the Cross Roads.
The NEW ‘NFA’ will impose the worst restrictions on our rights since the 1996 Un informed debacle of John Howard’s implementation of the UN. 23 point Civilian Disarmament Treaty. Yet, we the law abiding firearm owners have never been so well equipped to oppose it, we have over 2 million licenced shooters in Australia, (only 13 million people voted in the 2016 Federal Election) we have the Internet, and Facebook which is our means of communication, a force that is now rivalling and taking precedence over the Foreign controlled mainstream media machine. Also, like the rest of the western world the voters are tired of Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum politics, tired of getting the same result from both mainstream parties. This has caused a fine line with no large majorities in any of the Australian Parliaments.
“There are more people on the waiting list to join the Melbourne Cricket Club than there are rank-and-file members in all Australian political parties put together.” (Cathy Alexander, 18th July 2013.
“There are more members of the SSAA than there are rank and file members in all Australian political parties put together.” Ron Owen
As Party membership has dwindled the mainstream political parties have refused to make their membership figures public, but mainstream media themselves state that in 2013 the Liberal Party had 50,000 and Labor 43,000 and Greens 10,000 which by the 2016 Federal election results showed a further disinterest in the main parties and 22% voted for the minor parties.
So when the membership of our shooting associations which only 1 in 15 join (most remain hunting on rural property) are ‘mountains’ overlooking political parties of ‘mole hill’ proportion, why in a supposedly Constitutional Democracy are we dictated to by an elitist minority. Why do we have to resist and deal with politicians who seek to impose this NFA, National Firearm Agreement. We nor any representative from any shooting discipline, or association agreed, nor were we consulted. While our State and Federal Police Ministers met to unanimously vote to impose, not just a re categorisation of the Adler from A to B. All that was just part of the cover up ‘Flim flam’ creating the media ‘smoke and mirrors’ so it does not enrage the huge voting power of firearm owners.
Read if for yourself, its NOT just a Re Categorisation for the Adler Shotguns it has further impositions.
Find these in the Police Ministers, wish list.
54. Jurisdictions will legislate to allow the sale of ammunition only for those firearms for which the purchaser is licenced, and impose limits on the quantity of ammunition that may be purchased in a given period.
(This means that all sales will have to be recorded to whom and which licence another register, more public servants more taxes, more impositions)
55. On the purchase of ammunition, the relevant licence must be produced.
(d) the commercial transport of ammunition with firearms is prohibited
” This Agreement sets out minimum requirements in relation to the regulation of firearms. Nothing in this Agreement prevents jurisdictions from adopting additional, including more restrictive regulations.
Cat A
(c) Shotguns (other than semi-automatic, pump action or lever action)
Cat B
d) Lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity no greater than five rounds
Cat D.
(c) Semi-automatic, pump action and lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity greater than five rounds
20. Heirlooms
(a) Jurisdictions agree that where the owner of an heirloom firearm is unable to establish a genuine reason for possession of that firearm and/or does not qualify for a collector’s licence, jurisdictions may issue the heirloom owner with a special category of licence. The requirements of that heirloom licence must be that:
i. before the licence is issued, the owner provides sufficient proof of inheritance of the heirloom
ii. the licence apply only to a single gun, or a matched pair or set
iii. all heirloom firearms be rendered permanently inoperable
iv. the licence not authorise the discharge of the heirloom firearm or firearms in any circumstance
i. the firearms which are the subject of the collection should be of or above a defined age
ii. firearms in a collection which have been manufactured after 1 January 1946 must be rendered inoperable (whether or not they are otherwise only required to be rendered temporarily inoperable according to paragraph 19(b))
iii. collectors may not possess ammunition for a collection firearm
iv. any attempt to restore firearms in the collection to usable condition should be regarded as a serious offence and subject to severe penalties
v. all operating firearms which are owned by the collector under separate licensing arrangements should be subject to the same level of regulation as any other operating firearm
vi. for the purposes of the collection of Category H firearms, genuine historical collectors must
1. be a member of a state or territory accredited historical firearm collectors society
2 .have their licence application endorsed by an accredited historical firearms collectors society
3. comply with strict storage requirements
4. display a commitment as a student of arms in order to collect or retain post-1946 handguns.
.43. Jurisdictions agree that the issuing of a permit must be subject to a waiting period of at least 28 days to enable appropriate checks to be made on licensees in order to ascertain whether circumstances have occurred since the issuing of the original licence which would render the licensee unsuitable to possess the firearm or which would render the licensee ineligible for that type of firearm.
45. Jurisdictions should consider imposing greater storage requirements where multiple firearms are kept on the same property.

Firearm Owners Association of Australia will be installing these 5 meter long banners on the Bruce Hyw in Gympie, if you can use one in your area they are $250. each
All shooters and all of their families and friends must VOTE AGAINST the National Firearm Agreement.
Contact your local State and Federal MP ask him to move a motion in parliament to oppose the NFA. His response will quickly inform you as to which side he is on. If he will not oppose it tell him you will vote for any other party that will. There are elections coming in Queensland and it has not been through the parliament so cannot be imposed yet. Seek them out, don’t be insulting just tell them that if they vote against law abiding firearm owners they won’t get your vote or you friends and families vote. If they vote for the NFA they will never get your vote in the future. Do not leave it to your association or your membership to a political party, it needs all shoulders to the wheel. Ten minutes on the phone now could save you years of aggravation in the future.
Where does all this anti freedom, anti human rights, anti firearm owners come from?
Please read thoroughly about George Soros and his establishment of the Open Society, and its relationship with Rebecca Peters, Anti Gun Coalition, and Save the ABC and George Sorus investment in Channel Nine, our major Banks and his investments into Australia’s political landscape. Please read Edition Owen Guns Bulletin Dec Special Christmas Edition 127, 2016

“Curiously though since Peters left, the shooting massacres, of the same style, lone gunman, have ceased! And private firearm ownership and number of firearms have doubled. Since Peters has returned to the USA, they have been subjected to the lone gunmen syndrome ever since.”
These days, this international conspiracy is not a theory it is a fact established and accepted by mainstream media such as the Weekend Australian article. “Influence Of George Sorus on Western Politics.
This coming battle at the Cross Roads against the latest NFA impositions on ammunition purchasers and Collectors firearm arms might not be the last battle, but it will the best chance we have to turn firearm legislation around and to create some sort of future for individual freedoms.

In previous editions of this bulletin and years before that in the Lock, Stock & Barrel magazine, (now going up on line
I have asked this question.
“Have we been conquered by a foreign power? Do We live in an Occupied Country?”
These days maybe more people can see the truth in that question than when I first proposed it. We have foreign intervention within our political, financial and media leadership bent on an agenda that suits foreign powers, not ours. This foreign power funds election campaigns, funds TV stations, newspapers, invests in banking stock, employs talking heads, pays large amounts of money into false non profit organisations and we suffer under this foreign intervention. Part of this agenda is the destruction of our culture, so they can superimpose Multi culture, leading to No culture accept theirs. They demand an end to our moral values, our philosophy of freedom and in exchange for another import of a million Middle Eastern imports many of whom are of a Criminal disposition. The purpose of that is so that by policing them, judging them as the norm, they seek to excuse the removal of the rights of the law abiding. It has to be stopped our western culture can and has accepted migrants from all western countries any whom have wanted to assimilate have been made welcome. Other have been free to go back to their birth country. This Foreign power has demanded that we have to exchange our freedoms and accept their wrong doings. How do they enforce this agenda?
By disarmament and employing the force to carry it out.
The Foreign power directs them and our taxes pay for our own jailors.
Our Police Force is one of the heads of the Multi Headed Monster.
Our Police Forces are taught to have the mentality that they are the ‘Thin Blue Line,’ they are indoctrinated with Elitism, an Officer of the Law that control the mere Populus, the cattle, who are all only Criminals-in waiting, waiting, to be taught that they are just grist to the mill.
They believe with a religious passion that if there was no ‘This Thin Blue Line’ that society would immediately fall into chaos.
I have personal first hand experience of that mentality, and on many occasions they have relished and enjoyed serving warrants, serving summons, charging me with 2583 charges, (yet without a conviction) confiscating property, returning it and then confiscating it again, each time we have to book it in and book it out. Relentless persecution delivered with a smirk. They have spent many millions of dollars in legal cases against me which have cost me thousands of dollars and years of my life working to stay away from jail. As I am the President of the Firearm Owners Association of Australia and prominent in the firearm trade, many other citizens who have also experienced this mentality phone or contact me seeking advice and assistance, so I suppose I only hear the horror stories and really I see only one side of the story. I hope so.
I also know Police that do not believe that they are Supermen or Super women, that are embarrassed by the actions of the majority, we all would know of the exceptions to the rule. The good police within the organisation are without a voice and are heavily intimidated by the examples that have been made of other good policemen, who have spoken out “Whistleblowers” so are quite correctly too scared to report misconduct for fear of workplace harassment, intimidation, setups and being falsely charged. When they know something, they have nowhere to go with it, and no one to trust.
Most that I have known have changed jobs or are retired. I can think of two that I could enjoy a conversation with and the rest I am forced to presume that I am the prey. I am to be hunted for sport, if they managed to get a conviction on me they would have my head mounted on top of their office desk. They say “Im only doing my job”, I say are you, “just following orders? They say, Yes, just following orders, I say, “That’s what they said at Nurenberg”, they say, “What happen there?” I say.”Well they hanged all those Germans who used that excuse. On the basis if they knew they were doing wrong under common law they were guilty. ”

They don’t wear a uniform like this but most of them would like to.
Yes, there are real Criminals out there, but they seem secure ensconced, un touchable, by Police, almost protected. People can spend years trying to get the police to act, even when they have CCTV footage of the thieves have their address and identification. They are too busy they say.
Which allow the police to hunt more honest citizens hounding them for having a barrel weight, on their barrel or a 12 shot magazine instead of a ten shot. Charging people for having their window open and ammunition in the house, or non standard packets for ammunition. It seems that when they go to work they are not afraid of Criminals but they are terrified of law abiding licenced shooters. Yet, it is not us, that shoots them they shoot more of their own comrades and themselves with their un safe un trained firearm safety skills, they are their own worst enemies.

To rub even more salt into our wounds, these are the people that contrary to the written doctrine of the Separation of Powers engraved in the stone of our Constitutional Laws the Police are the ones assisting the Foreign powers, with the assistance of the Police Union in formulating legislative changes. Their advice to the Executive is taken as written law and no consultation is allowed from the people. Police now write the law and enforce it, Justice has gone, even law itself has gone the same way as mercy and charity, out of the window. The Police are now the law makers, which they can break with impunity and they enforce their policy over the Populus.
If I am wrong I would be pleased to be the first to apologise, but this is what others say..
The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria after the Victoria Police refused to comply with their FOI request to handover documents outlining their grand plan for firearm law reform, which they provided to the government. In legal lingo, they are hiding behind the protection of their documents being “Cabinet-in-Confidence”. That protection is normally available to departments, whose job it is to prepare confidential briefings and analysis for Cabinet, through their minister.
We’re arguing that this exemption is not available to the Victoria Police, because it is not a department (but an independent regulator) whose functions are spelt out under the Victoria Police Act 2013. Those functions relate to enforcing the law, not making it.
We think their defence is little more than a ‘middle finger’ to the shooting community who are entitled to be part of a broader consultative process, rather than be at the receiving end of games being played ‘behind closed doors’. That’s why we’ve decided to throw everything we can at this.
Again the above is contrary to the Separation of Powers doctrine that is within our Constitution. The Police should not manufacture their own laws.
“Not enough evidence” How can this be investigated and the family be given the excuse that there is not enough evidence. IS IT NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE IN THIS VIDEO FOOTAGE ALONE!
Click the link, above It shows Ray Currier being arrested. Sometimes does not work as some forces are trying to block it.
This is just one incident we have over 10,000 policemen in the State of Queensland and at the last published figure in 2010 over 3000 official complaints against them, every year. That’s 30% per year that are complained against. Most with the same incredible result, "No action to be taken". When some police have 20 or 30 complaints against them it should mean something. It’s called “Caesar judging Caesar”, even if you got the CMC or as it was the CJC, ‘The Thin Blue Line’ will stick together. Of course most people who have suffered at their hands will not make an official complaint, they know its useless and it would only get them into more trouble, but still some 100 or so champions of freedom take the Police to Court Private Prosecutions under the Justice Act 1889 section 100 (abouts). Even this is heavily weighted against the complainant but some have been successful and Ian Leavers from the Police Union is trying to breach the Separation of Powers doctrine again and force the goverment into legislation that will prevent Police from private prosecution.
A QUEENSLAND whistleblower has criticised the police minister’s address to graduates for creating an “us and them” mentality.
Minister Jack Dempsey, a former police officer, made the remarks as he addressed 89 graduates at the Queensland Police Service Academy’s Brisbane campus. Originally published as Minister gives new cops ‘wrong idea’.
A report handed to Parliament on Wednesday found Queensland Police Service (QPS) crime statistics were “questionable at best and unreliable at worst”.
State-wide about 22 per cent of reports in QPRIME, the internal police system, were inaccurate or incomplete between 2011 and 2016. That is the system that hold your licence and registration information.
The Age. The Victoria Police unit that issues licences to gun owners and regulates the private security industry faces three separate internal investigations
A leading Victorian private security figure with decades of experience described LRD as “judge, jury and executioner”. We’ve got police deciding on whether or not you have a good business case to launch a new security company or training organisation. What expertise do they have to do that? … They aren’t accountants,” he said. Bryan de Caires, the chief executive of Australian Security Industry Association Limited,
The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria, which represents the interests of about 200,000 licensed Victorian shooters, has released a survey which shows only 11 per cent of respondents believed LRD was an efficient regulator. More than 80 per cent of respondents wanted to reduce Victoria Police’s influence.
The internet is full of it, just put Complaints Against Police into a Google search and you will really wonder if we have not paid for our own Concentration Camp guards. We have the right on our side and we have the numbers to make our elected representatives sort this out. Make your presence known to all candidates at the coming election. We have to raise our heads and change our society into one that our children are going to be proud of, instead of going quietly into the darkness of our own imposed slavery.
There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen.

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