Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thoughts on TEOTWAWKI

Thoughts on TEOTWAWKI
Normal survival situations in Australia are pretty easy to prepare for. That does not mean that you will survive, we all make mistakes, but fire, flood & drought are common in Australia & we all know what precautions to take. I survived cyclone Tracey in 74, I was not prepared, neither were many others in Darwin. We had so many warnings that came to nothing, that we became apathetic. Australia's motto is "she'll be right mate", well sh wasn't right mate in Xmas 74, & I think it would be a big mistake to take peace & our safety for granted now.
So what are we prepping for? Well for those that have not had their heads buried in the sand, it is pretty obvious that the threat comes from within. From our own totally corrupt government. How far is the government willing to go to remove all our civil & human rights? I can't answer that, but just look at the rights we have lost already, look at the militarization of our Police Service. Mining now takes precedent over farming & the livelihood of Farmers. Mining takes precedent over Australia's environment. Corrupt council rates (tax) hikes have seen people evicted from the homes they actually own, & those homes sold by the council, & some people wonder why so many of us WISH that the s**t would hit the fan!!!

A TEOTWAWKI is a little harder to prep for, because we don't know what it may entail. The best we can do is assume that city life will no longer be safe, & that our survival lies in going bush. Some like myself & my family are already here, we are totally off grid. In the past I have lived for about 30 years without electricity, so if our solar power should malfunction, then it is not a problem. We have been off grid now for about 40 years. However, even though we are equipped & feel that there are enough of us to protect what we have against raiders, there is always the possibility that we may at some time have to leave our forest retreat. This too we are trained & equipped for.

We do not expect there to be too much competition in regards to hunting for food. Most so called preppers rely on modern equipment, & others are not really prepared at all. Few will have any experience in hunting & trapping, & fewer again will make it out of the cities alive. I have lived in the country all my life, & I know the limitations of modern technology. Those that start off with mostly modern survival gear will eventually find themselves living a stone age lifestyle, IF they survive at all! Those that depend only on pre 19th century equipment & skills will in my opinion never drop below that level of comfort.

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