Friday, June 17, 2016

TEOTWAWKI. Survival. How Prepared Are You?

TEOTWAWKI. Survival. How Prepared Are You?
How prepared are you? Have you gone to any expense or put much time into your survival plans? Or don’t you really think anything is going to happen anyway, so what is the point in going the whole hog?
The problem is of course, IF there is a survival event, it will be too late to prepare after it has happened. I find myself at that point where I think I have done all I can do without “going the whole hog”. We are off grid & off all services, we are equipped with 18th century technology & some modern technology. We are producing our own food. BUT, if a survival situation arrives that is a direct threat to my family & my home, then we will need to construct a high palisade right round both houses & the garden areas.
To do this now would be inconvenient, because (A) we don’t have the man power that we would have in a survival situation, & (B) the palisade would block our view from the house. It would also use up a lot of our time & resources for something that we may never need.
Going off grid was not difficult, & we have been off grid for many years. It has cost us less to live off grid than it would have done to live in the city. Getting all the necessary tools & equipment together was not a problem, nor did it involve any extra expense.  Living off grid is a lifestyle choice, & the items you need to purchase are a part of that lifestyle. The 18th century equipment was purchased to satisfy my interest in Living History, Historical Trekking & experimental archaeology. The fact that we now have all this equipment, supplies, knowledge & skills is a plus in our survival preparations. Indeed, if I had not become interested in 18th century Living History, it would have taken me a lot longer to realise the potential & advantages of this technology over modern technology.
So having told my story, what is yours? Are you really serious about being prepared, or is it just a game? If you are serious, just how far have you got so far, & how far are you prepared to go pre shtf ?

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