Sunday, July 5, 2015

Call For Unity From The Revolution.

Page 1 of 9 FACT SHEET 2 CALL FOR UNITY KNOW OUR PLAN FOR INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP INVOLVEMENT Don't shut me down before you know OUR PLAN, this opportunity is what Australians have all been waiting for. ESSENTIAL GROUP INVOLVEMENT: We believe that "VELVET REVOLUTION" has A PLAN that achieves a successful outcome for all groups and individuals as a whole; all we ask is that you allow us the opportunity to explain it to you. WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT: ALL issues concerning ALL Australians and ALL groups SHOULD be, CAN be and WILL be dealt with by Citizen Initiated Referendums after we remove the corporate government from Parliament. No government system can be fairer than that and it is our constitutional and lawful right to access this FAIR & TRUE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM that is entrenched in our Constitution and it is indissoluble! However, the current corrupt corporate governments don't want you to know that we have rights and neither have they given us our constitutional right to hold referendums on issues affecting us. I first started adding individuals to VELVET REVOLUTION and then as those people started reading the info l provided; they asked me to approach groups they were involved with because they believe in our PLAN. Page 2 of 9 Knowing the benefits of our VELVET REVOLUTIONS PLAN and how we can help EVERY GROUP achieve their desired outcome; I wrote a post to involve all groups. People are individuals first and foremost and there is no reason why you as an individual can't join our VELVET REVOLUTION group; in the same manner as you have done with other groups, if people join "VELVET REVOLUTION" we are asking you for your absolute allegiance to "The People of Australia" our Constitution and our MARCH. For just a short time of 4 months we ask you to focus on just our issue, as without • The Corrupt Corporate Government being REMOVED from Parliament • "The Australian Constitution Act 1900 (UK) being RECLAIMED and abided by • "The People" being RE-EMPOWERED with our Inherent Rights & Responsibilities that are entrenched in our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and • REFERENDUMS of "The People" to express YOUR WILL then EVERY group might as well never March, Rally or Protest EVER AGAIN; as this corrupt corporate government are ONLY acting in the best interests of their own registered Corporation and group demands will continue to be ignored. Sure they will pass the odd bit of legislation in your favour but they will NEVER actually fix the problem because it is NOT in the best interest of their big business or banking partners. However, we need individuals to stay in your group's because groups normally have a well researched PLAN to deal with the issues you are concerned about, which is more than what any government party have had for decades. But if your group don't have A PLAN; then they need to devise one, (For how can "The People" go to ANY government with a set of demands if you DO NOT have A PLAN to resolve your own issue)? So please ask your group what is their PLAN is to deal with the issues of your group! "VELVET REVOLUTIONS OATH OF ALLEGIANCE" I Lyn Bennetts of "VELVET REVOLUTION" make a solemn OATH of Allegiance to "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia", to Page 3 of 9 uphold and to be guided by our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second the Queen of England (UK) l promise to present to you “The People” the “RESEARCHED FACTS" on the current situation of "the government" who we voted in to best represent our interests and the interests of ALL Australian's, So HELP ME GOD, Amen! People of Australia, ALL is NOT what it seems, and if you bear with us; VELVET REVOLUTION will explain how we have all been arrogantly deceived by those in Political Parties who were voted in by "The People" to abide by our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and to truly represent "The People" in their democratic capacity. VELVET REVOLUTION WILL PROVE BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT That the current government are a Private Corporation and whose sole interests are to line their own pockets with as much of your tax payer money as they can possibly steal before they hand over the reigns to the next Prime Minister and their party who continue this cleverly devised FARCE of FRAUD, TREASON and CORRUPTION against our own people. VELVET REVOLUTIONS PLAN: PREROGATIVE WRITS OF MANDAMUS: (Explained in FACT SHEETS) are to be served on EVERY sitting member to lawfully and constitutionally remove them from our Parliament. We have Constitutionalists working around the clock to prepare lawful and Constitutional Prerogative Writs of Mandamus and Commonwealth Public Officials who are lawfully issuing these Writs against every sitting member in parliament; in every state and territory of Australia, these Writs will officially and lawfully remove every sitting member from our Parliament and are being issued due to their criminal activity which include but are not limited to the • Unconstitutional creation of a Corporate Government who now rule Australians as a Registered Corporation under the US Securities Commission in Washington D.C. as "Commonwealth of Australia" Registration Certificate No is 0000805157" and as a • Republic instead of a Democracy. Page 4 of 9 COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CORPORATE GOVERNMENT 0&hidefilings=0 Due to a number of events, Australia has not had an actual Government for "The People" since 1927 and we "The People" need to choose one. According to our Constitution, in order to remove ALL sitting members from our Parliament; they all must receive a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus because no current politician has correctly or lawfully sworn on OATH of Allegiance to abide by our Constitution Act 1900 (UK), the Queen of England (UK) or to The People of the Commonwealth of Australia, therefore, they all must be removed from office and the lawful OATH of Allegiance must be taken before any candidate can run for Parliament. In addition, every person wanting to run for Parliament are to run as an Independent Candidate for their seat. Any successful politician is to be held accountable for promises that they make and fail to provide in a reasonable time frame in office. This was the intention of the Framers of the Constitution. All Political Parties are committing unconstitutional acts and must be abolished along with the unlawful, unconstitutional acts performed using the preferential voting system and swapping of preferences; as this was never the intention of the Framers of the constitution and the two part preferred voting system is only preferred by the two major parties! We are asking all individuals and members of group's to lay aside your issue for a short time only of just one day to UNITE under the Banner of "VELVET REVOLUTION" so we can • REMOVE the Corrupt Corporate Government from our Parliament and abolish the unlawful Politicians Retirement Funds and Perks that will cost Australian tax payers in excess of $800,000,000.00 over the next 20 years. Page 5 of 9 • RESTORE Our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) which is indissoluble and which holds our absolute RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS within it. • RE-EMPOWER "The People of Australia" with our Inherent Rights and Responsibilities entrenched in our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) • Hold REFERENDUMS of "The People" to vote on ALL MAJOR ISSUES affecting Australians! We "VELVET REVOLUTION" will present to "The People" a series of FACT SHEETS that contain hard hitting well researched FACTS and EVIDENCE that proves the corruption within the current government. We will include official links that provide evidence that proves to you that we "The People" Rule Supreme and NOT this corrupt corporate government and we will provide video's outlining the deception of the current government to rid us of our Constitutional rights and to implement a Republic without "The WILL of The People". We will outline our PLAN to Restore our Constitution, our Parliament, our Courts and our Banks; all lawfully and constitutionally. GROUPS with well researched Evidence and Facts, will be an asset to the future of this country including Banking Reform Groups, Farming Groups, Lock the Gate (Fracking), Fluoride, Halal, Transport Groups, Reclaim Australia, Restore Australia, Wake Up Australia, Sharia Law, Taxation Reform Groups, Local Council Groups- Citizens Against unlawful Rates, Australian Constitution, Veteran Affairs, Military - Defence Groups, Police and Law Groups, Climate Change/Solar, Indigenous Rights Groups, Health & Medical Marijuana, The Aged & Disability Groups, Natural Medicine, Australia Says No, VLDA, Border Protection Groups, Fight Every Fine Groups, Education Reform, University Australia, the list is endless and too many to mention here. We also require Groups who approve of these issues above to become involved; as we require the FOR and AGAINST arguments to be presented in a transparent, concise presentation with A PLAN to address these issues from both sides; so we as a "UNITED PEOPLE" can implement changes that are long overdue and have been placed in the too hard basket or encouraged to cause disunity by consecutive corrupt corporate governments. But l assure you that every single one Page 6 of 9 of these issues are a constitutional issue and will be dealt with by Citizen Initiated Referendums of "The People"! Remember, that the research these groups do is of utmost importance and is done on a scale like no other political party has EVER done; with some groups as big as 40 thousand members strong. When the government won't listen to groups with extensive proof and research behind them such as this; there is obviously a major problem. So what will it take to get the corporate government to act on information provided at these levels when they don't listen now? There is so much to tell you and it is hard to know where to start and stop a FACT SHEET, and because some of the information provided will require the link to those FACTS; you will notice some information is repeated for the purpose of that FACT SHEET, but in all, each FACT SHEET will take approximately 10 minutes to read and by the end of the series you will have a clear understanding of your constitutional rights. We are holding a "VELVET REVOLUTION" (VELVET means NON- VIOLENT, NO BLOOD SHED) Because we don't need to be violent and we don't need blood shed, these Prerogative Writs of Mandamus is all that is needed to lawfully remove the sitting members from Parliament, the show of UNITY is just to show the corrupt government that we all agree and after which Writs will be issued to call for an independent candidate election Nation Wide. We need people who work in groups and in these fields and who have the research and knowledge of these issues behind them; but more importantly A PLAN to bring Australia out of the hell hole it has fallen into by consecutive incompetent governments to stand up and be counted, so if you haven't already done so; start preparing A PLAN to combat the issue you stand for. On our pages of Facebook and our Website you will find carefully researched FACTS, EVIDENCE and VIDEO'S proving what we say to be true and A PLAN to Restore our Constitution and our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOM'S embedded in the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (UK) these are our constitutional and lawful rights that too many people do not know we have. Page 7 of 9 Our CONSTITUTION ACT 1900 (UK): Is a very concise and factual video! Containing your RIGHTS! Please watch this 3 or 4 times and show it to your friends and family so they understand that they have rights too, this video will make more sense as you learn more, however, it is of utmost importance to understand what is contained in this our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) CONSTITUTION ACT 1900: At the moment, this corrupt corporate government have implemented unconstitutional and unlawful Acts, Legislation and Laws to remove our rights and steal our Tax Payer Monies to fund their own corrupt corporation. OUR CONSTITUTION CONTAINS • Constitutional Law • Biblical Law • Common Law Act • Magna Carta Act • Habeas Corpus Act and the • Bill of Rights Act Without our Constitution we might as well give up the fight, go to work and do as they order us to do, for at the moment we are SLAVES to a corrupt corporate government; whose aim it is to enslave us further and to line their own pockets with our money! THE BIG LIE EXPOSED: The government create issues in society to divide us, they spend tens of billions of dollars to deceive us, they keep us working and they tax and fine us for everything to make us into criminals; to keep us busy and to keep them in money in order to keep their system working; and so we don't have the time to watch what they are doing. To fight every issue individually will take a huge effort as the judicial system is corrupted and the government simply aren't listening, in addition many issues cannot wait any longer. So we are asking you to UNITE with us VELVET REVOLUTION and to make this your REVOLUTION; where you get to have a say as an Page 8 of 9 individual in the future of this country and SIDE by SIDE we will implement the above points, along with "Citizen Initiated Referendums" where your ONE VOTE will actually COUNT and which will deal with all issues in a very short period of time in comparison with the unlawful system we have now? This new system guided by our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) is a TRUE & FAIR DEMOCRACY! We ALL need to come together and overcome our differences. We don't need to play the elite's game; they divide us so they can conquer us. If we stand together we will be strong but divided we will all fail and if we do come together we will be the 99% and an unstoppable wave of change will occur. It is really important that we overcome all the isms; the government use these as a way of splitting us up (Divide and Conquer) But once this wave takes place even the Military and Police will join us as the TRUTH SPREADS LIKE WILD FIRE. WHY "VELVET REVOLUTION"? VELVET means Gentle (Non Violent, No Blood Shed) because we DON'T NEED TO BE VIOLENT and we DON'T NEED BLOOD SHED, please see FACT SHEETS which explain this further. REVOLUTION Means QUOTE "an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed" END QUOTE Please UNITE with us under our "VELVET REVOLUTION" BANNER on the 10th of July 2015 in a MARCH; to deliver to every sitting member in parliament "The People's" decision to lawfully • Remove ALL Sitting Members from our Parliament, • Restore our Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and • Re-Empower "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" with our Inherent Rights held within our Constitution. • Referendums of "The People" to implement the WILL of "The People"! Czechoslovakia did it in just 48 hours! Page 9 of 9 VELVET REVOLUTION MARCH DATE 10th of July 2015: We are meeting at 10am in Every City across the Nation of Australia. An EVENTS PAGE for each City has been posted on each of our Facebook Pages and Website, for your convenience; use the invite button at the top of the EVENTS PAGE to invite all your friends and family to UNITE with us all to bring about the necessary change that Australia desperately need. Please join our group and share everything you receive from "VELVET REVOLUTION". For more FACT SHEETS and further information you can contact us via: FB PAGE: GROUP:
Although l would rather you message me through our Facebook page; that way l will get your message in a very short time as apposed to email. Regards Lyn Bennetts National Organiser of VELVET REVOLUTION Our Brilliant Constitutionalists And our dedicated VR TEAM, UNITED WE STAND SIDE by SIDE; AGAINST Tyranny, Fraud, Treason and Political Corruption!

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