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Owen Guns Bulletin January Edition No 175, 2021

This Bulletin and the next few might sound a bit different. Ron has thrown himself into the design and manufacture of projectiles and firearms, so he has asked if I “Chester Owen” could take over constructing of the newsletter. Ron and I luckily have similar interests, we both get irate about gun laws, we both would chew off the leg of a politician if given the opportunity and we both love salmon in batter.
On the 29th of December 2020 we received an email entitled “Amended Guidelines to asses Weapons Licence suitability”. In short it is a document outlining who doesn’t fit the criteria to be a licensed gun owner. “Fit and proper person” is the term they cling to, the document states that the employees of Weapons Licensing have been given the power to decide whether someone is “fit and proper” which is incredibly subjective. They also state that there will be minimal impact on the vast majority of existing and future licence holders, which really concerns me because they have gone to all this trouble of writing to us, so I believe I smell a rat. They go on to say that they are focusing on Criminal history and disregard for other regulatory requirements such as traffic related matters. How speeding fines and being distracted by your phone while driving affects your ability to comply with firearm law beats me but apparently they want to connect the two and make you suffer doubly. They then try to convince the reader that this is all for the greater good, to improve “public safety” and advance “internal business efficiency. Lastly it says applicants may apply to QCAT for a review of a decision under 142 of the Act. There is a second page. Three columns entitled “Occurrence” “Previous Guidelines” and “Amended Guidelines” this is how we can see the new power they have given to themselves.
The first “Occurrence” is about giving false or misleading information when applying for a licence or pta. In the past you could show a “cause opportunity”, so you could defend yourself. But with the new policy you get no such chance, you are rejected immediately.
The second “Occurrence” is Domestic and Family Violence Order, to break that down… Domestic and family violence happens when one person in a relationship uses abuse or violence to maintain power and control over the other person. Abuse is not only physical – it can be emotional, sexual, financial, social, spiritual, verbal, psychological or TECHNOLOGY-BASED. So how can all these different forms of abuse be relative to your weapons licence, drivers licence, forklift licence I really don’t know. From personal experience I know how painful domestic violence is and would never try to take away from the irreversible damage it causes. The problem however, is seen time and time again of when it is just “He said” She said” no proof and she always wins. So not only are Weapons licensing taking your licence away, they are also not letting you reapply for five more years after your sentence. No court, no jury, no discussion.
The third “Occurrence” Found guilty of a disqualifying offence but no conviction recorded. So this is when you are charged by an officer of the law for an offence but when it goes to court you are NOT convicted. Weapons Licensing will reject your application within 5 years but over that you will have a small chance they will send your case to a “team leader” for assessment. Just to reiterate YOU WERE INNOCENT, NO CONVICTION, WEAPONS LICENSING STILL DOES NOT SEE YOU AS FIT AND PROPER.
The fourth “Occurrence” Three or more drink driving, unlicensed driving or dangerous driving offences (any combination) or more than 30 demerit points within the previous 5 years. You used to be able to “show cause” but now they are immediately rejecting it in “the public’s interest”. Let’s just use drink driving as an example… not a great decision, incredibly dangerous and removing a car licence is a good way of solving that issue. However what has that got to do with your firearms licence? And why do you they not let you reapply for five years after you have served your sentence?

The fifth and last “Occurrence” is driving involving drugs within the previous 5 years. So you used to be able to show cause but now more than one offence is an “auto reject”, if it is only one offence you are issued a warning letter with your application. Also if you try to hide the fact, you also receive an auto reject.
Those were just the amended policies of being a proper person they are not laws, they are just policies. There are obviously many problems but one that concerns me is that people will get unfairly rejected and feel so down trodden that they will just admit defeat. We see and hear examples of it all the time. I receive phone calls saying that people can’t pick up their firearms because Weapons Licensing has rejected their application based on an offence that happened 30 years ago. Not five, not ten but thirty years, they know people don’t want to read there “policies”. They know that most people will think it’s the law and come to a decision that it’s not worth fighting.
They have not sent us any detail on being a fit person. We can only go off what customers at Owen Guns are telling us. In the last couple of weeks we have had stories from people with cancer, diabetes and stroke victims being denied licences based on not being a “fit” person. For example yesterday a customer brought in his rifles for storage because Weapons Licensing found out he lost his truck license because he was diagnosed with diabetes. So they have decided he is not fit to have a firearms licence either. Luckily this customer is going to fight the order because it’s not right or fair.


On the other side of the planet we have been railroaded by the U.S politics and if you don’t hear the word Trump is it really 2021? The United State of America Has Fallen, they are not united, the electoral system is broken. Like, Humpty Dumpty, all the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men Cannot put Humpty Dumpty Together Again. It was never perfect but it did respond to the voters, now that veneer has gone and their leaders are installed on the same basis as China, the Western World has to look to its own survival.

If the USA leaders cared, they would re-assure the world that their elections were fair, they would publically investigate, ask the Army to re run elections, they have done this in other countries, without much persuasion. Instead, they silence all dissent; call the people crazy conspiracy theorists. Rather than trying to change their minds to convince them and reassure them that the system is real, that the democracy works, as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live there, our new leaders will try to silence them. This simple fact has alerted and enraged the silent majority. In the USA the population 327.35 million, but unlike here in Australia voting is not compulsory, already due to a lack of confidence in the system in many electorates less than 50% vote, in previous time more than likely they did not like or support any of the candidates, but in these last elections, if we were to believe the votes some electorates had a 125% turn out, to ensure that Biden got the job. As an average only 67% of those entitled to vote are registered to vote, those eligible to vote in 2018, 233.7 million. In 2016, 138,847,000 votes were cast, representing some 60.1% a record turnout. In 2020 an extra 21 million votes were cast, totalling 159,633,396 votes.

74,222,958 voted for Trump


More than 233.7 million were eligible to vote, 159.6m votes were counted. 74 m did not bother to vote and another 74 million voted for Trump (10 million more than at the 2016 election) that’s a total of 148 million that are not happy about Biden’s 80 million that might include the graveyards of 6 states.
As long as people sincerely believe they can change things by voting, they stay calm. They don’t storm the Bastille. They don’t burst into the Houses of Parliament.
If people begin to believe that their electoral system is deceitful, if they conclude that voting is a charade, that the system is rigged and its run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people who are acting in their own interests. Either they will rebel, or refuse to vote, it will depend on their leadership, neither outcome will benefit the rest of the world.

“Liberty and Jobs”, screams the People. “Go away and Shut up, Do what you’re Told,” shouts the tyrants. In the face of unrest, the first move of unlawful government is to severely crack down on the population. But crackdowns never make it better. Instead, they always make the country more volatile and more dangerous. The tyrants in power rarely understand that.

Obviously, in this latest example the Democrats and their establishment media allies have already made it loud and clear they’re not going to accept any dissent or free speech.


This has occurred in countless other countries over countless centuries, and the cycle is always the same because human nature never changes. It’s the fall and decline of an Empire that is happening in our lifetime. Millions of people all over the world are shocked as for the first time they realise that their right to free speech, their right to read Free Speech is being censored, they knew that main stream media was controlled but now have found that the electronic media something that they thought they were rightfully a part of is heavily controlled. They see that their right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend their families, the most critical, basic and ancient freedoms have been removed.

We in Australia must realise that with the fall of the United States
that we must now only count on our own resources to defend our way of life. Our World is not a happy place and China is determined take over as the most dominate Power.

“There exists a law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


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