Sunday, January 24, 2021

How would one survive the apocalypse and avoid the marauding gangs and obtain resources the smart way?


How would one survive the apocalypse and avoid the marauding gangs and obtain resources the smart way?

First of all let’s establish one fact, this is very likely to happen in the very near future due to anthropogenic global warming & climate change, so it is no longer a matter of would or if, it is now a matter of WHEN.
Cities are predicted to become uninhabitable, whether or not society will collapse before this happens is anyone’s guess, but the city is going to be a bad place to be. If you were in a town, & everyone was onboard, then you could form a militia to protect that town, but as it is, I very much doubt that the whole community would be onboard.
Personally I think the best option is to start preparing now for what is coming, scientists predict that climate change may not just continue to get worse, but it could suddenly cause cataclysmic disasters. If one can afford to move off grid, now would be a good time to do it. If you are living off grid, you can be self-reliant & sustainable. You can grow your own food & you can have your own water supply via rainwater catchment tanks. Yes you will have to protect what you have, which is why it is better to move off grid sooner than later. We live in a forest, as soon as we see things getting bad, we intend to construct palisades around both houses. We already have arms, but in the event that things should start looking bad, we will purchase more arms & ammunition if we have not already done so beforehand.
We have skills, which is very important in a survival situation, also we have sustainable equipment, tools & arms that will carry us through long term.

If one can not afford to move to off grid now, then you will have to prepare to survive in a wilderness area somewhere. You will still be able to grow your own food & protect what you have providing you choose the right tools that are sustainable, & that will allow you to settle in an area & construct a decent dwelling & defenses. I strongly recommend that you choose 18th century equipment, it does not have to be original, because many businesses supply reproductions for the Living History community worldwide, including flintlock muzzle-loading arms. 18th century equipment is sustainable, it has been in use for at least 300 years & is still the best choice. If you are a family or a group, then by all means add a modern firearm or two to your list.

Take care & stay safe everyone.


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