Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Extinction or A Dystopian Future? Will Today's Children Survive Anthropogenic Global Warming & Climate Change?

Our corrupt Australian government knows what is going to happen if we keep burning fossil fuels, anthropogenic global warming & climate change are accelerating, & we may only have 30 to 50 years or less before society collapses, assuming that society will not change. After this TEOTWAWKI, & then possibly the extinction of the human race.
Now this makes no sense to me, so I have been wondering if there is a plan behind not stopping anthropogenic global warming & climate change. Note that we have lost all the firearms that could match the fire power of the arms that the Police & Military have. Note that all items specifically made for self defence have been banned, made illegal in Australia. No one is even allowed to carry the traditional pocket knife anymore. New Zealand have enacted the same gun control legislation as Australia, & now they are trying to ban certain guns in America. England has already got strict gun control.
So lets just say for arguments sake that these corporate heads & politicians actually do care about their children & grandchildren & do not want them to die from anthropogenic global warming & climate change, if this is the case, then WHAT is their plan?  If we are not to face an extinction, does this mean that we could be looking at a dystopian future such as depicted in "The Hunger Games"??? Too far fetched? Then I would like to hear your views, your thoughts, because we are fast running out of time, & it is obvious that a majority of people are not going to do anything to stop the burning of fossil fuels any time soon!!!

IF the future is the collapse of society, teotwawki, then if society collapses early enough, preppers may still stand a chance of survival. It won't be easy, & it won't be pleasant, but we might survive. But if we are looking at a dystopian future brought about by corrupt governments, then we will be in a lot of trouble.

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