Monday, March 2, 2020

Too late to stop anthropogenic global warming, & the Coronavirus Pandemic increases!

Well the hard word has come down, the majority of the human race & corrupt governments have left it too late to stop anthropogenic global warming & climate change, & on top of that we now have a global Pandemic!!!

The forecast for Australia is shorter winters, possibly with less or no snow, & longer hotter summers in which we will have more wide spread intense catastrophic bushfires. Cities in Australia are touted to become uninhabitable due to the fact that they are heat traps. Society is likely to collapse within the next 30-50 years, & our extinction period could start within the next 100 years.

The corrupt Australian government faced with this news is still selling coal to China & the UK, & has no intention of stopping the burning of fossil fuels, or stopping the destruction of our native forests & woodlands.

So, WHAT CAN WE DO? The best we can do now as individuals is continue prepping for what is coming, when society collapses there will be total chaos, riots, looting, home invasions, crime will soar. If you do not have a firearm, get one now. Our children & grandchildren will have to try & survive teotwawki when society collapses. 

It seems that we are not going to avoid an extinction, anthropogenic global warming can no longer be stopped. The best we could have hoped for was to slow global warming down to give us more time before society collapses & the extinction period begins. IF the government or the majority of people had stopped the burning of fossil fuels, we would have gained a little time, but that DID NOT happen, & it WILL NOT happen.

Don't waste anymore time, you may die from old age, but your children & grandchildren will need help if they are to survive teotwawki. Get off grid if you can, get out of the city. Get a good stock of guns & ammo, & don't forget you need an approved gun safe! Stock up with dried & canned foods. Use it & replace it. 

We are already seeing panic buying in Australia, empty supermarket shelves!!! So it is important that you stock up NOW when food is available. Don't forget the drinking water. If you are off grid in the bush, get some rainwater catchment tanks. We have just added two more tanks. Widen your firebreaks! Bushfires are forecast to get a lot worse!!! Get those gardens working for you, there will be food shortages & eventually no food at all!

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