Friday, January 3, 2020

Stopping Global Warming, avoiding a worldwide mass extinction of all life on earth!

Stopping Global Warming, avoiding a worldwide mass extinction of all life on earth!
So what is it these protesters want? They are asking the government to act on global warming climate change, to stabilise it, to stop it before it goes any further. But in order to do this, the government would have to shut down all coal powered electricity generators, they would have to stop the destruction ( burning, clearing, logging) of all native forests & woodlands, & they would have to ban the further use of all motor vehicles excepting those for essential services. Are the people really prepared for this? Do they really expect the government to do this?

If we do not stop burning fossil fuels completely NOW, & stop destroying our native forests & woodlands, then Australia is going to become uninhabitable, global warming will cause teotwawki, & after that quite possibly a mass extinction of humankind! Yes this will cause chaos in the cities, UNLESS, the government fast tracks solar power to the electricity grid; this can be done, we have the technology, we have the solar panels, & we have the massive battery storage facilities required.

But solar power is not a magic wand; solar power cannot stop global warming if we are going to continue to burn fossil fuels, if we are going to continue to use coal powered electricity, & if we continue to use combustion engine vehicles.
Society needs to change, & it needs to change now. We do not have enough time left for reductions, for cut backs, for promises of what we are going to do by the year 2021-2022-2023 etc etc. We have literally run out of time, we have left it too late to act. Ten years ago we could have started a progressive program to change our society, to change the way we work & live. Ten years ago we could have started working on solar & wind power for the grid. But this was not done. The government was totally focused on the economy, focused on keeping corporatism on side, focused on attracting votes, & the general public kept on demanding more & more. More jobs, higher wages, more housing, lower taxes, better health services; all of these wants & needs were totally justified, but amongst the clambering for a perceived higher standard of living, the majority of people forgot about the cost to our environment, they forgot that humans are just another species of animal that relies on the earth’s environment to keep us alive!

Humans have polluted the earth, contaminated the natural environment. We have built cities that shut out the natural environment & the people in those cities have lost contact with nature. Until these present bushfires filled these cities with smoke, they had completely forgotten about the world outside of their city. They have become totally dependent on modern technology, & if that technology should now come to an end through global warming, then society will collapse, & the people will die! It is as simple as that. You now have to choose between life or death. Life in a changed society that may not be to your liking, or life living a “Stone Age” lifestyle in a world that is coming to an end. More heat, more storms, more droughts & perhaps more floods. In some places more intense cold, because that is what climate change is doing, it is creating more extreme weather conditions worldwide.

Australia is going to become uninhabitable if we do not stop global warming NOW, & with global warming affecting the whole of our world, there may be no place for us to migrate to. Think about that, but don’t take too long, we are fast running out of time!
Keith H. Burgess.

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