Thursday, November 7, 2019

What Do You Think Will Happen?

What Do You Think Will Happen?
What do you think will happen as climate change gets worse? It is perfectly obvious to me that no one is going to try & stabilise climate change.  There is too much money being made by our government from the mining, drilling, fracking, selling & burning of fossil fuels, so stopping the use of these fossil fuels is not going to happen.
Climate change is accelerating much faster than previously predicted, so planning on reducing the use of fossil fuels within the next 20 years I think will be useless. In Siberia the global warming temperature is already past the safe mark, permafrost is melting, has melted! The ground has become unstable, carbon is being released into the atmosphere, & there is a risk of long buried pathogens & viruses emerging from the ground!
Here in Australia the temperatures are summer high in spring! The trees in my forest are dying, we are low on water. There was no snow this past winter, & very little rain. We are in drought conditions here & there are bushfires all around us.
Australian farmers are already experiencing crop failures & stock losses; this must inevitably lead to food shortages. If the heat of summer is such that city people are going to be reliant on air conditioning, then what are the chances of black outs?  I could be wrong, but I think we are running out of time. Time, what am I saying, no matter how much time we had, the government is NOT going to replace coal powered electricity with solar power, & they are not going to stop the clearing & logging of native forests. Bushfires are destroying thousands of acres of bush land every day.
What do you think is going to happen? Will a majority of people say “enough is enough” in time & take control of this situation? Will the present peaceful street protests turn violent through frustration & anger? If climate change causes TEOTWAWKI, will the military be called in to take control of the cities? Or will the government bailout & head for their doomsday bunkers?

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