Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Don’t Blame the Scientists, Blame the People!!! Climate Change.

Don’t Blame the Scientists, Blame the People!!!
I have lost count of the number of times climate change deniers have quoted past predictions saying that they never came true so climate change is bullshit. Scientists are not super human, they do the best they can with what they have to work with. No one can 100% second guess nature, nature is fickle, unreliable. How can a scientist tell if another iceberg just vanished, or another section of permafrost has been lost? How can they tell if a massive release of carbons suddenly erupts from previously frozen ground?
Every time another ice sheet melts, or more carbon is released, climate change accelerates. You can run as many simulations as you like, but it is still just guesswork based on the information you have at the time. Climate change is accelerating much faster than previously predicted, & we are running out of time to stabilise climate change at a temperature that can support life comfortably.  We are only two thirds of the way through spring here & already it is too hot outside. Imagine what summer is going to be like!!!

The Australian government is not going to stabilise climate change, it is corrupt, greedy, & selfish & it does not want to lose votes!!! Fossil fuel corporations are not going to stop mining, drilling & Fracking, climate change deniers are not going to change their environmentally damaging lifestyles, & the majority of Australians  are too apathetic, ignorant & gutless to take control of the situation. We have peaceful protesters that are not prepared to turn off the coal powered electricity to their homes, we have environmental organizations that lodge petitions, but do nothing else. They don’t protest on the streets, they just keep asking for more money to lodge more petitions!!!
If any serious demands for action are ever made, it will be after some major disaster has taken place, & by that time it will be too late. If you are serious about your children’s future happiness, if you are serious about saving a future for your grandchildren, then start prepping NOW! You will NOT be able to stabilise climate change, you will NOT be able to make any significant difference to climate change at all, but if you start prepping now, you may be able to save your family when climate change creates TEOTWAWKI.

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