Thursday, January 11, 2018

Can my wife carry a specialty vehicle knife in her 4WD?

Subject : Specialty vehicle knives. Are they legal to carry?
Enter your comments in this box: : My wife has been given a specialty vehicle knife to carry in her 4WD. It is a clasp knife with a short blade, a seat belt cutter & a window breaker. We live on our property, but my wife makes frequent trips to town. The roads are often flooded as are the creeks.
Is it legal for my wife to carry this vehicle knife in her 4WD?
Thank you for your assistance.
Thanks for contacting NSW Police Customer Assistance Unit. Please see below email in relation acceptable reasons for having a knife in a PUBLIC PLACE or SCHOOL.

With reference to 11C (2) of the Summary Offences Act, what is included as being reasonably necessary for a person to have custody of a knife?
The lawful pursuit of the person’s occupation, education or training
The preparation or consumption of food or drink
The participation in lawful entertainment, recreation or sport
The exhibition of knives for retail or other trade purposes
An organised exhibition by knife collectors
The wearing an official uniform
Genuine religious purposes, or
The custody is reasonably necessary in all circumstances during travel to or from or incidental to any of these activities, or
Where the custody is of a kind prescribed by the regulations.

NOT the answer I was hoping for, obviously this is down to total ignorance on the part of the law makers, AGAIN!

So, carrying a knife in the car specifically for emergencies, ie breaking the window & cutting the seat belt is not legal !!!!!!!!! This must be a companion law to illegal armed self defence!!!!!!

The preparation or consumption of food or drink? The police have already confiscated my wife's multi-tool folding scout knife that she carried for food preparation!!! So much for that one!!!
Honestly, our law is a total ass & it pi***s me off no end! What in the hell can we minorities do about it? Stuff all!

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