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Bugging Out Equipment List. WHAT & WHY.

I decided to post this because when I read lists of other people’s modern equipment for bugging out I often see items that I can’t make sense of. Items that are NOT sustainable & seem of very little use. Some say “well I use this until it breaks & then I throw it away”. The problem with that is that this equipment has taken up room, added weight to the pack, can leave sign to track you by if you don’t dispose of it properly, & meanwhile you could have used this space & weight to either carry a better piece of equipment, or you could have left it out & saved room & weight. If you can afford to throw it away, then you don’t need it in the first place.
Anyway, here is my list. Please feel free to comment, different people sometimes see things in a different way & I like to hear other people’s point of view.
My Equipment List. WHAT & WHY.
.62 cal/20 gauge flintlock fusil. 42 inch barrel.
Why?  Large calibre smoothbore has a lot of knock down power with a round ball, very versatile using bird shot, buckshot, or round ball or a combination of any two of these, able to use other projectiles found in nature, only requires a siliceous rock for ignition which can be found in nature, the lock is easy to repair, if the lock breaks & there are no spare parts I can use it as a matchlock or tinderlock & keep using it, I can use the lock to make fire without the use of gunpowder, I can make my own black powder, I can retrieve spent lead from shot game & reuse it, I can mould my own round ball & shot.
.70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol.
Why? Same as above fusil, light to carry, easy to use, good for a back-up & self defence.
Gun tools and spare lock parts.
Why? To keep my firearms working long term.
Shot pouch and contents.
Why? For maintaining & using my firearms.
Leather drawstring pouch of .60 caliber ball (in knapsack).
Why? Back-up supply.
Powder horn.
Why? For carrying gunpowder for immediate use with firearms.
Ball mould, swan shot mould & Lead ladle.
Why? So I can reuse spent lead by remoulding.
5 Gunpowder wallets.
Why? For carrying extra gunpowder, the leather wallet is lighter than a powder horn, once empty they are good for storing spare tinder for fire lighting.
Butcher/Hunting knife.
Why? A good basic working knife made for skinning & butchering game, good self defence knife, long blade but light to carry & use.
Legging knife.
Why? Good back-up knife for hunting & self defence, easy to access, light to use & carry.
Clasp knife.
Why? Good back-up knife, mainly used for camp chores, making kettle hooks, making trap parts, easy to carry.
Why? Lighter than a modern hatchet, the helve fits in a round or oval eye & is easy to make in a wilderness situation, the helve can easily be removed to use the head on its own for making a new helve or scraping hides for making leather or rawhide, good for trap making, good for hammering, can be thrown for hunting, defence, offence & entertainment.
Fire bag.
Why? Greased leather waterproof  bag for keeping my tinderbox & contents dry.
Why? For preparing plant & fungi tinders for flint & steel fire lighting, contains prepared tinder for fire lighting, is used for fire lighting by striking sparks into the tinderbox.
Flint & Steel. (NOTE: Not a ferocerium rod).
Why? For making fire. This method is sustainable long term.
Belt pouch.
Why? This pouch is carried on the waist belt at all times & contains my fire bag, my fishing tackle container, my sundial compass & my fire steel/striker which is tied to the pouch buckle.
Fishing tackle in brass container.
Why? For fishing & for trapping fowl.
Two brass snares.
Why? Small game snares for trapping .
Roll of brass snare wire.
Spare wire for making small game snares, can be used for making leaders for angling, can be used for repair work.
Main pack for carrying equipment & food supplies, carries my blanket roll & oil cloth shelter & secures my market wallet.
Why? This haversack is carried just for foraging purposes. I often forage along the trail when trekking.
Market Wallet.
Why? This is secured under the flap closure of my knapsack & is used to carry extra items. This wallet can also be carried indendently.
Tin Cup.
Why? For drinking tea & eating food.
Kettle (Billy Can).
Why? For boiling water for sterilising & making tea, for cooking.
Water filter bags (cotton & linen bags).
Why? For filtering dirty drinking water before boiling, light & compact & easy to carry, unbreakable.
Medical pouch.
Why? Contains medical equipment & supplies, lighter than a hard container, easy to pack & carry in my knapsack near the top.
Why? This is my sewing kit for making repairs to clothing, making moccasins, needles can be used to remove splinters & if necessary to stitch wounds.
Piece of soap and a broken ivory comb.
Why? For bathing & looking after my hair.
Dried foods in bags.
Why? Dried foods are lighter to carry, easy to pack & preserve well for long periods.
Wooden spoon.
Why? For cooking & eating, light to carry.
Why? A compass makes it easier to tell direction on very overcast days & nights, makes it easier to maintain a straight direction & travel quicker.
Whet stone.
Why? For keeping my blades sharp, for working on gun lock parts if needed.
Small metal file.
Why? Same as whet stone above.
Why? The oil cloth is for making a quick shelter, easy to set up & versatile, enables me to use a fire for cooking & warmth close to my bed, can be used as a rain coat, can be used for water collection, can be used to make a boat, gives me more vision around me & an easy exit if needed.
One pure wool blanket (Monmouth cap, spare wool waistcoat and wool shirt rolled inside blanket).
Why? The blanket roll is easy to carry, does not restrict my movement/escape at night like a sleeping bag will, can be used as a matchcoat, can be used as a Great Coat, retains body warmth even when wet, light to carry.
Spare pair of moccasins.
Why? To wear if my other pair get wet, to wear whilst I make repairs on the other pair, to wear if the other moccasins need replacing & whilst I make a new pair.
Two water canteens.
Why? For carrying drinking water.
Bottle of rum.
Why? Only a small bottle but I like a tot of rum & it helps me relax a little.

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