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Thoughts For The Week. Australia. Owen Guns Bulletin September 2016 Edition 123

Thoughts For The Week
The worlds media have downplayed the emerging militaristic friction in our Asia Pacific area for the last ten years, now China is building military bases in the Spratley Islands and North Korea is exploding 10 kiloton nukes delivered by ballistic missiles fired from submarines. At first you might think Defence is not relevant to Australia’s firearm owners, but please put up with my background information before we get to the punch.

Expanding Buffer Zones.
We should do some Heavy Thinking.
Why does, China want military bases in the Spratley Islands, and why does North Korea want nuclear missiles with a range of 2000 miles? The answer is an old strategy, that it is far better to have to fight a war in someone else’s country rather than your own. As the Roman Empire created buffer states to keep out the barbarians, so too do the Chinese. They give nuclear technology and a vast amount of military equipment to Pakistan, so it can hold back India, they keep Tibet enslaved and supply vast amounts of military hardware to North Korea, so it can face off to Japan and Taiwan and as they see it the main bogy man the USA. We cannot be amazed that North Korea and Vietnam also want to keep any threat away from their own countries so also have to engage in a military game of chess as to who dominates the chess board. That chessboard is of course the Pacific Ocean, this should concern all Australians who think.
Don’t let the people know? We don’t want to Arouse them.
I should not have to spell it out, we all should know this but due to the dumbing down, news service that spend hours on man bites dog stories, or save the rare toad, we are told we are more concerned about how many medals were won at the Olympics. Really, that is not the truth as we are all concerned about the safety of our homes and families.

We were very lucky last time, Japan made a big mistake and attacked the USA. If they had just moved down on Australia. the USA would not have cared.
It is due to our spineless leaders, who are from the same mould as the pre World War Two Appeasers like the Prime Ministers Ramsay Macdonald, Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain, and French foreign Minister Pierre Laval, who all sought to avoid war by feeding smaller countries to Japan, Germany and Italy, to sate the savage beasts. They downplay the internal threat from Islam that demands world domination and they downplay the threats from our northern military dictatorships that also want to dominate our region.

Our fearless leaders, feather their own nests with huge salaries and pension payouts, they take bribes and donations from foreign owned banks and big business yet put themselves about to the populace as clean as driven snow.
Last month, the ABC reported businesses with Chinese connections gave Australia’s major parties more than $5.5 million between 2013 and 2015, making them the largest source of foreign-linked donations. The donations were troubling enough for the head of Australia’s spy agency to personally brief leaders of Australia’s major political parties last year about the national security risks. According to the ABC, the security warning from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) director-general Duncan Lewis included naming donors his agency thought were acting on behalf of the Chinese government.
Much of Australia’s $32.4 billion (2016–2017) defence budget is siphoned off into private overseas accounts leaving a vast continent and our people defenceless and our tiny defence force not ‘cannon fodder’ but like a bite sized, suicide squad. Our 94 Combat aircraft, 59 Abrams tanks, 47 commissioned war ships, with a total staff of 57,982 are struggling to deploy 2,241 soldiers in the field.
Force numbers
Battle Tanks
Combat Aircraft
Just a quick half and hour of research on Google gives us a scary future. Due to America’s debt and economic decline their population demands that they can no longer play the worlds policeman and are insisting that their buffer countries pay for their own defence. Countries like Japan responding to their local threats and are now rearming, but even without an offensive force, Japan’s military dwarfs ours.
Force numbers
Battle Tanks
Combat Aircraft
and to get a fair comparison this is just some of our northern neighbours.

North Korea
Force numbers
Battle Tanks
Combat Aircraft
810 Inc Auxiliaries
Force numbers
Battle Tanks
Combat Aircraft
Force numbers
Battle Tanks
Combat Aircraft
485 plus Auxiliaries

Who do we trust?
None of the above, like Britain in World War Two, the USA more than likely would have other huge problems, when the sand is thrown into the air, the rubber hits the road, the anchor is thrown overboard and our nation is set adrift in a very troubled foaming sea of despair. The USA jumped into the middle east and impressed its competitors with its dismal abilities.

We in Australia are left defenceless by our governments disinterest and inaction we do not even have the manufacturing base, as we had in World War Two that can quickly improve our situation, in fact our governments bribed romance with free trade continues to destroy Australian manufacturing abilities. Ultimately, without the ability to mount our own defence no one is going to help us, besides the fact that we are not worth helping, Singapore and New Zealand will have enough troubles of their own.
We have been Subverted and Betrayed.
Australians have been made house guests of the Sorcerers Apprentice, who has let loose what cannot be controlled, what was not quite so bad yesterday will be much worse today and a nightmare tomorrow. In Australia we have been magically changed from people who used to work, produce and build, into surrogate, subservient, consumers, the lowest human form. We are televised, and advertised out of our senses. We exist in images, not realities. We are given an image of what we are supposed to want and what we are supposed to be, and most people follow it. Hardly anyone notices that the producers have gone, that the factories have closed, the farms turned into National Parks that quality in food, materials or life itself have disappeared.
Even money has changed into an image, the magic card, but what it buys for people is debt enslavement and shoddy goods. The ‘Good Life’ is now a political swindle and should be given a bouquet of flour, but in reality it should be a wreath, but even then it be hard to find one not made out of plastic flowers. We have created a society whose representative figures are politicians who are sold with the soap and cornflakes, they are wooed by plastic Barbie and Ken interviewers who would not know if their backsides were melting. Our young are wooed by singers with no voices, whose only qualifications are a lot of hair, sweat and cheap imported electronic equipment. These are the leaders who have betrayed our nation.
Firearm Owners Our Only Hope.
Where is our hope for the future? Only with the 2,000,000 licensed shooters, or the 2 000,000 or so voters at the last election, who for the first time chose the un advertised, the independent, or small party senators, our nations future has been on a slide into the abyss, now it has a small window, a small chance to survive.

The Point.
I cannot tell you, that the two million licensed shooters with their five million licenced firearms are our nations best asset to deter invasion, nukes versus .22 Lr are not going to win us any battles, but think about this, if our chicken livered politicians surrendered, and flew out to their condo in Florida, the enemy has still to disarm us, before they kill us all. When anyone gets shot with a .22 the only place they want to go to ‘fast’, is hospital. Disarming two million shooters and their friends under those circumstances would be a lot more difficult than John Howards Un Informed buy back, and as John found out totally un successful. They could suffer a million casualties, if Australians chose to fight, rather than join the gas chamber queue.  Yes, we desperately need the tools to manufacture a defence industry. If we had a responsible government it should be doing everything to encourage shooting, hunting, expanding knowledge of ballistic, encouraging industry, rifle and pistol ranges. Instead, we are confronted with suppression, is it any wonder that we suspect their motives and do all we can to replace them. Ron Owen.

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