Monday, November 9, 2015

TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! How on earth can we fight against these lies & misinformation?!

Sophisticated lever??? Rapid fire??? No other lever action has a magazine??? All the underlevers of this type have a magazine & have had since the 19th century!!! This a a 12 gauge shotgun for goodness sakes of course it has power. But the power is in the commonly used 12 gauge cartridge, NOT THE GUN!!!
This woman is either an outright liar or she is plain & simple ignorant, if ignorance is her problem then I wish she would get educated & get the facts right before she starts spreading all this misinformation.
PLEASE SHARE THIS POST, so that hopefully we can educate the public. The anti-gun lobby for some reason has chosen to pick on this firearm as a dangerous weapon, & yes, it is a dangerous weapon, all guns are, so are knives & baseball bats & shovels & bows & numerous other items. BUT IT IS NOT THE ITEM per se that is the problem, it is the criminals using these items.
No matter what the law, no matter what we do, criminals will always get guns from the Black Market, from Police Stations, from Military Bases. People like this woman in this video need to stop penalising law abiding Licensed citizen gun owners. Stopping us from having this Adler shotgun will achieve absolutely nothing. 
FARMERS use guns to control feral animals, by law they have a duty to do so. HUNTERS use guns to control feral animals & vermin, & yes, some hunters use a gun to put food on the family table, IS THAT A CRIME???

WE NEED stricter laws targeting criminals, we need for the government to do something about BLACK MARKET FIREARMS. Criminals are NOT licensed! Criminals don't register their firearms! Criminals do not apply to the police for a permit to purchase!!! THEY ARE CRIMINALS people!!! Wake up Australia!!!  

The Adler
GCA, the Greens and Hugh McDermont talk about the Adler
Posted by Shooters & Fishers Party Central Coast NSW Branch on Sunday, 8 November 2015

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