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Australian Citizen's Problems.

Late Hopeland farmer George Bender. 

Australian Citizen’s Problems as of 2/11/2015.
1)    Destruction of forest, pollution of drinking water, contamination of farmland, destruction of farm land, farmer & landholder’s mental health problems due to mining & fracking, the government prioritising mining over farmer’s rights. This will ultimately effect crop production.
2)    Climate change/Global warming due to pollution from fossil fuels such as coal & gas. This in turn is affecting the rise in sea levels, an increase in solar radiation, & crop production which will ultimately lead to Australian produced food shortages & increased food costs.
3)    Increasing cost of local council rates/tax which is in fact illegal because the local councils are NOT a government. Non payment of these rates/taxes leads to the confiscation of private property by these said councils which is also illegal.
4)    Crime. This covers domestic violence (Please note that the government has cut funding to community services that helped women in crisis), robbery, rape, violence against a person or persons, murder, trespass, damage to property, intimidation, home invasion, knowingly polluting & contaminating the environment to the detriment of public health.
5)    The erosion of citizen’s common & human rights. This includes the right to self-defence unconditionally, the right to protect one’s own property, the right to protect one’s family & friends unconditionally, the right to pursue happiness providing it does no harm to others, homelessness.
6)    Gun control & confiscation directed at law abiding licensed firearms owners. This includes the banning of certain firearms, the confiscation of certain firearms, the unfair legislation that makes it difficult to obtain ammunition, the incorrect firearms licence categories for certain firearms, The unfair legislation concerning muzzle-loading firearms use & categorising, the unfair legislation concerning magazine capacities, the difficulties experienced by citizens during normal firearms security checks due to local police ignorance of firearms legislation & ignorance of firearms other than service weapons.
7)    The increasing widespread use of police control over law abiding citizens concerning various club memberships, personal tattoos, use of a motorcycle, the bullying of individuals on the streets to provoke them into committing violence so they can be tasered, pepper sprayed, shot or arrested.
There are no doubt many other problems that need addressing, such as TPP agreement, immigration, & employment & other social & community services, but the purpose here is to highlight the fact that many people believe that these problems are actually being caused & manufactured by the Australian government. Surely no lower income family or even middle class family can deny any of the problems above. We do understand that number 6 is a problem for many non gun owners & anti gun lobbyists who would sooner see their loved ones raped & killed & indeed die themselves, rather than use a firearm for protection. This is their right, though some may not agree with their decision. These people on the whole are ignorant of certain facts, but they are NOT stupid. They fully realise that the police can not in the majority of cases protect them or save them. The police department’s response time to emergencies is very slow & even slower in rural areas. This is not a police problem; it is just a fact of life.
The government appears to be doing nothing to seriously address the problems listed above, & yet the majority of Australians apparently have their heads buried in the sand. Some may not want to “rock the boat”, they are scared of what may happen to them if they complain let alone protest. Others are we suspect are simply apathetic, “she’ll be right mate”. Overall though it is worrying, because this means that the majority of Australian citizens do not give a damn about anyone else but themselves! So long as this is the norm, there will be NO recovering for Australia; there will be NO improvements to our quality of life. On the contrary, things can only get worse & in the end, recovery may no longer be possible.
So what should the Australian public do? Well the first thing that NEEDS doing is a complete change in our political system. This means that our present government should step down & a new political system should be implemented. Perhaps one where citizens vote for people rather than parties. Australians must understand that our present government & indeed the whole political system, is no longer working for the people, it is working for itself only. Our government is as far as I am aware a corporation, as are our local councils.
Finally ask yourself this, when was the last time we had a referendum on an important national decision that effected all Australians? The last one I remember was a referendum on local councils becoming local government & being able to implement new taxes. The majority of Australians voted NO in that referendum, & yet today we have local councils acting as local government & they have indeed introduced a land tax disguised as rates for services rendered!
This paper is open to discussion, but please keep it polite. We have not written this to antagonise or offend people & to the best of our knowledge all the above is true.
So, are we as Australian citizens in trouble, or are these problems a figment of our imagination? Do we need to act, or do you think we should just hang in there & see what happens & hope it all turns out okay?
If you think that we should act upon these major & increasing problems, what do you think we can possibly do within the law to accomplish the changes we need other than just informing people & complaining on various forums?
We welcome suggestions for additions to the list of problems above.

Please share if you think this post is just & sensible & deserves consideration.
Thank you.

It won't happen if everyone speaks out.....

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Laptops, phones and computers seized by Nauruan police in bid to find journalists’ sources
The RPC3 buildings at the Nauru detention centre. Nauru police searched a Save the Children building at the site. Photograph: Anonymous

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Court Allows Police Officer’s Illegal Evidence to be Used

The NSW Criminal Court of Appeal (NSWCCA) recently ruled that the evidence obtained unlawfully by a police officer was admissible in court, because the seriousness of the case and importance of the evidence outweighed the degree of his illegal conduct.
The Unlawful Search
On the 5th of March 2012, Officer Hembrow entered a property to carry out a routine firearms audit upon a man by the name of Paul Thompson, not knowing that Mr Thompson no longer lived there.
While walking on the property, the officer noticed a caged area which contained several cannabis plants. He left the property, obtained a search warrant and returned to find that there were at least 136 cannabis plants and 20 seedlings. A search of the neighbouring property uncovered 5kg of cannabis and 283 plants.

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Colin Barnett Is Trying To Criminalise A 'Thing'. Literally.

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West Australia’s Barnett government is in the process of criminalising the possession of a “thing”. What kind of “thing”? Well, it could be any “thing” really.
Under anti-protest laws currently before the parliament the police need only suspect a “thing” may be used “for the purpose of preventing a lawful activity”, and the onus is on the ‘thing-haver’ to prove that’s not the case.

Australian Politicians’ Favour Indian Mining Company over Australia and Australians

Australian politicians led by Josh Frydenberg argue that the Carmichael mine in Central Queensland should go ahead as Australian’s have a moral obligation to allow the mine as it will save millions of Indian lives, even though this is actually false. Additionally, the Environment Minister Greg Hunt is placing the interests of a corrupt Indian mining company infront of the Australian environment, and Australians who rely upon a healthy environment in-order to make a livng. This is because if the Carmichael mine goes ahead it is likely to cause a great deal of damage to both the Great Barrier Reef and the Carmichael River. Many Australian politicians need to fix their moral compasses and place the interests of the Australian environment and people before those of a foreign company that is known to be corrupt environmental vandals.

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