Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dried Apple & Pumpkin/Squash for Trail Food and Storage.

Trail food.
We have been busy drying apple for storage & trail food. If you can core the apple you can hang it on a string line, or you can use a needle to do the same thing. You can also dry apple next to a fire.
We have been using our stove & heater.
A word of caution: Many years ago on a long trek I made the mistake of leaving my dried apple bag in my haversack with the flap closure down, but not buttoned. A possum stole it in the night. I found it not far away early next morning, but the bag although closed with a drawstring, was severely masticated!!! Yuck!

Pumpkin can also be dried in the same manner.

Dried Pumpkin or Squash.

Pumpkin on oven trays ready for drying in the open oven of our wood fired stove.

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