Thursday, August 28, 2014

Australian Government Trying To Axe Solar Power Production and increase the burning of fossil fuels!!!

Please sign this petition to save our planet from the Abbott Government.
Barnaby  JoyceThe NationalsNew England

The effects of global warming are probably now too late to reverse, but that is no reason to speed our demise up by burning more fossil fuels & creating more damage to the environment with more coal mining. With any luck, if we can use more solar power & lower our carbon footprint, there may be something left to enjoy for my Grandchildren & my Great Grandchildren.
This is not a game to be played with our lives, if you have any honour, any integrity, you will do all you can to protect the renewable energy target for the good of all decent Australians, & in fact the world.
Regards, Keith H. Burgess.

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