Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Do I Need To Get? Part 1.

You need to prepare for any survival situation that you can reasonably be expected to survive.

·         Dried foods and canned foods. It would be more practicle to store the foods that you normally eat, so you can use your store, then replace it. Keeping your stock turning over. However, there may be some dry foods that you do not normally eat that would be good to stock, such as rice, flour, dried peas, oats, lentils, beans, etc.
Canned fruit in juice are also good, but get them when they are on special or at a reasonable price per kilo.
·         Bottled water and soda water, unless you are on tank water.
·         A good medical kit.
·         A good selection of edible plant seeds.
·         A good selection of vitamins. Be careful purchasing Omega 3 in fish capsule form. The ocean is now polluted with radio active material, and some companies are not testing their products for radio active pollution. I recommend that you get Flax Oil capsules instead. Vitamin C is a must, and any others recommended to you by your doctor.
·         Get a decent back pack or knapsack for each member of your family. If they are not into prepping. Get them anyway and stock them yourself.
·         Get a decent butcher knife and make a leather sheath for it. Each member of your group or family should be equipped with these tools. Good second hand butcher knives can be found in second hand shops for very little expense.
·         A good clasp knife with a single blade.
·         A second smaller butcher knife to carry as a back-up, either on your person, or in your pack.
·         A tomahawk. This is to be the round or oval type eye such as is used on pick axes only smaller of course.!products/cq4e

·         Flint and steel kit. This is NOT the ferrocerium rod, this is the real thing. You need a piece of flint or similar hard rock. You need a steel or striker, and you need a tinderbox. These are also available from Mopoke’s stock and Trade as above. Then you need to learn how to use it.
** A quantity of food bags, either cotton, linen or leather. This is for carrying your dried foods if you have to leave home.
** Water canteen or bottles.

Tomahawk, butcher/hunting knife, clasp knife, and the author's legging knife.

A selection of different fire steels or strikers, and a selection of siliceous rocks.

A brass tinderbox.

Tinderbox with plant tinder inside and a gun flint.

A selection of food bags, a rum bottle and a bottle used for holding iodine.

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