Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Things 1st. Where To Start in your Survival Preparations.

First Things 1st.
If you are serious about prepping for survival, then these items below are in my opinion the first things you should take care of if you have not done so already.
·         If you are alcohol dependant, do something about it. If alcohol is not available in the future, you will go cold turkey and may not handle it. Like tobacco, it is costing you money and affecting your health.
·         Get rid of all your debts.
·         Start growing your own food, in your garden or in pots.
·         Make your home as secure as reasonably can be expected.
·         Start thinking about moving out into the country, either by purchasing your own land, or renting.
·         Start learning some wilderness survival skills.
·         Keep your eyes open for a decent backpack. No zips are preferable, but get what you can, even if it is a second hand one.
·         Apply for a firearms license and get an instruction pamphlet from your local police station.

·         When thinking about getting equipment, think seriously about what your needs will be. IF you have to leave town or city and seek a secure place in the bush, many modern gadgets will be of no use to you. Think long term wilderness survival. Follow this blog for ideas on what to get.

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