Saturday, June 3, 2017

Having Trouble With Facebook?!

I think this email says it all!

"Hi Keith,
It looks like you're having trouble with logging in to Facebook. Just click the button below and we'll log you in".

You sent me this message, but it did not help me to get back on Facebook. I have no idea WHY you locked me out in the first place!
I have tried to get back on numerous times, but you apparently ASSUME that I know by SIGHT all my Facebook friends. I DON'T!!! Nor have I any intention of sending you copies of my private documents to prove who I am. You shut me out, I did not leave. I have a book page, my personal page, I am admin on a group, & I had membership in several groups, & you blocked my membership. I can no longer share with any of the groups, & the group that I ran can no longer accept new membership or close down. It is in limbo because of you.
You want me back on? You fix it. If you don't want me back on, STOP SENDING ME NOTIFICATIONS FROM FACEBOOK!!!
Very Sincerely, Keith H. Burgess.

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