Wednesday, July 13, 2016


As per the saying "The Truth Will Set Us Free"!
Please feel free to investigate and do your own due diligence of our website - especially the documented evidence.
We have verified information concerning:
* How all the Prime Ministers and all the Politicians appointed within Australia since 1919 have been invalid and their positions illegal and that most of these politicians have known this fact, but hidden the truth from the nation.
* Why every Australian Federal & State Politician, Judge, Magistrate, Defence Force Personnel, Federal & State Police Officer, Sheriff, Local Mayor have all been committing Treason against the Australian people.
* Why the appointments of the past Governors-General since 1919 have been invalid.
* Why Queen Elizabeth II has NO legal authority or power over the government's of Australia, Canada or New Zealand (and in reality, very little over Her own government).
* Why most of the Australian politicians and judges have continued for decades to defraud the people of Australia.
* How the Australian Taxation Office has no legal authority to collect taxes.
* Who really owns the Reserve Bank of Australia?
* Why the Australian Banking system is ripping off the Australian people and deliberately profiteering from their financial misery.
* Why politicians in countries like Australia, love complicated Tax Systems.
* What is a Debits Tax, what it would mean to the average person and why the Government avoids discussing it?
As we will be continually updating our information, we recommend that you constantly refer back to our website.

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