Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Please Help My Friend Eryn if you can afford to.

This is Eryn. Eryn is a lovely lady, & a family friend that has fallen on hard times through NO fault of her own. Now she is having to raise her daughter on her own, & these are hard times for lower income families in Australia. Please give generously if you can afford to.

We may not be able to save the world, but maybe we can help one person at a time.

"I wasn't always a single mum, but I used to have a beautiful home and I lived with my partner and ran a home business selling hand dyed and hand spun yarns, which my daughter and I would do together, Me as Medicated Merino, and her as The Rainbow Cheetah. But when my partner and I split up, I had to leave everything behind. 

He forced me out of our home, with no where to go, and with my daughter, and I couldn't take any of the house contents except for a few oddments, my spinning wheel, and what could fit in my car. On top of this, his mother stole all my jewelry from amongst my packed belongings while I was trying to arrange storage for my clothes and books, essentially stripping me of what little items of value I had left. Despite my trying to get the police to help me get them back, because she is family, They wouldn't help me. 

Because I couldn't afford to transport my stock with me, except for a few small items, all of my stock was sold off in bulk for less than 1/10 of what I paid for it in the first place to help me pay for fuel to move. And so, my shop was closed, seemingly indefinitely. Now, I work all day, every day to pay our bills on my own, which on its own isn't so bad, except that I never get to seem my daughter anymore. And although I enjoy my work and have a very loving and supportive family, I feel as though I am wasting away creatively, and that I am not really pursuing what I want to be doing with my life. 

Ultimately I want to re-open my shop and be able to work from home so I can take care of it and my daughter and give her the time and attention she deserves from me. 

A yarn business is very labour intensive and the supplies are very expensive. I have estimated that my costs to purchase stock and supplies would be around $8,000. Although the $5000 I am asking for here wouldn't cover all my costs, it would help me with the essentials such as yarn and dye stock. Hopefully starting small will help me to build bigger in the future and make mine and my daughter's dream a reality. 

I thank you in advance for anyone who contributes and if I manage to reach my goal, you have my deepest gratitude".

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