Monday, June 30, 2014

Domestic Violence Is Rife In Australia. One Woman's Story.

Not good enough. Domestic violence is rife in Australia, & the perpetrator gets away with it over & over until in many cases the victim is eventually killed.
We are shocked when we read about women being raped & killed in foreign countries, & yet the same thing happens here accept the pain for the victim is prolonged over months & years before many of them are killed. What will happen to these women now that Tony Abbott is cutting funding & closing down community services? No wonder he made himself the minister for women's welfare!!! 
IF YOU LIVE IN THE ARMIDALE NSW AREA AND ARE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, CONTACT: Armidale Women's Housing Group 6772 8915. 188 Rusden Street Armidale NSW 2350.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or know someone who could be, visit


  1. Violence is a big problem in the world, not just Australia, and particularly in the US. I have watched while two friends of mine returned again and again to an abusive spouse. I couldn't understand how otherwise intelligent women would return to a place where they were being repeatedly injured and their sons were learning this pattern as a template for future living. Both cases ended badly despite my attempts at intervention and the police attempting to intervene.
    Many times, the woman is too dumb struck following such an assault to process what happened, and thinks she must have done something to set the offender off. This burns daylight in terms of prosecution. It's a pattern which happens again and again. Meanwhile, these women's sons are learning these behavior patterns, and their daughters are learning that this might be an acceptable way to live.
    The first time a man beats a woman (or a woman beats a man) the relationship needs to end, and there needs to be a prosecution. The life you save could be your own.

    1. I totally agree Jane, but often it is not that easy. To leave ones violent partner often means literally going on the run. They have to move to another city or state & find accomidation, & hope that the husband can not track them down.
      To report domestic violence to the police can produce an AVO, but this does not keep them safe. If charges are brought & the offender does time, when he gets out he goes straight home & beats his wife, sometimes killing her.
      There have been incidents where the wife leaves home but can not get assistance or anywhere to live. In these cases the violent husband is actually able to take the children from her! The laws need changing here, & local councils have to own the problem & stop denying it is happening.
      Regards, Keith.