Friday, September 13, 2013

What Do You Need To Survive?

What Do You Need To Survive?
There is a lot of talk on survival forums regarding bugging in versus bugging out. So first let’s talk about bugging in. Instead of saying to yourself “I have a .308 and a 1000 rounds of ammo plus a 12 gauge with a 1000 rounds of ammo so I am bugging in”, just ask yourself this question. If I wanted to get someone out of a house, what would I do? If I were in this position, being part of a gang and wanting the supplies in someone’s house, I would consider two options. 1) Drive a truck through the front of your house and shoot the hell out of any survivors. 2) Burn you out, shoot you as you exit, then rush in with fire extinguishers and save whatever supplies I could.
I will leave you to think about that one, personally, if I were living in the city/town, I would be leaving as soon as I could.
Okay, bugging out, going bush.
If you have a retreat out bush, then you should seriously be thinking of moving to your retreat now. Not because all the signs are pointing to an imminent disaster, because they are not, but because at your retreat you can have gardens growing food, you can become as self-reliant as possible, just in case something happens.
If you intend to survive out bush, retreat or no retreat, think about exactly what it is that you have to survive. Okay, let’s make a list of what you may need to survive.
At The Retreat:
·         Starvation.
·         Attacks from raiders.

Needs: You need to have a good garden growing. You need to find out what plants will survive through winter if you are in a cold climate. You need somewhere cool to store your produce. You need to be able to hunt for meat. You need to be able to process that meat and preserve what can’t be eaten at 2-3 sittings.
You need some form of defence, you need guns. You need to construct some form of protection against bullets and arrows entering your dwelling. You need to have Rangers scouting the area for any signs of raiders. You need sentries posted day and night. The Rangers and sentries need to be armed as well as possible, and they need to know what they are doing, they need to be trained. You will need a wood burning fire or stove and the fuel to burn in it.

The skills needed: Hunting, trapping, trap making and use, skinning and butchering, drying meat, gardening, Ranging and scouting, Guarding, weapons training, firearms knowledge and servicing, reloading ammo, cooking, sewing, clothes making. If this turns out to be long term, then more skills will be needed.
Now think about the tools you will need in order to perform these skills. Do you need a “Rambo” survival knife? Or do you need a good butcher knife? Do you need a tomahawk to make traps with and hammer in trap stakes, or do you need a machete? Can you hunt well enough to get close to game with a bow or muzzle-loading gun, or do you need to use a .308 with a scope? Do you need special expensive gadgets to survive in this lifestyle, or can you learn how to go back to basics?

A group stands a much better chance of survival than an individual does in this situation, but these people need feeding, and they need good water. Cement tanks are largely safe from penetration by arrows and bullets, iron and synthetic tanks are not. You will also need a dam/pond or a river or creek. You can not afford to use drinking water for your gardens.
Next time we will cover primitive wilderness living, or bugging out with no retreat to go to.

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