Sunday, August 25, 2013

Preparing For What May Come.

None of us can foresee the future, but from my previous experiences I have learnt that it pays to be prepared. I don't think I have ever been guilty of viewing the world through rose coloured glasses, but I have none the less had a few survival situations arise that I did not expect.
The world is not a safe place, and the most dangerous animal we are likely to encounter in Australia is other humans. There are predators out there, I know, I have met some of them. They will invade your property, your home, your camp site, and possibly you as a person on the street or in the bush. If you think this sounds bad, imagine what it would be like in a real TEOTWAWKI survival situation.

If you believe that in the future we will possibly have our world turned upside down and possibly our lives placed in jeopardy, then we need to make certain provisions for our future survival just in case. Here are a few suggestions:
1) Purchase some land out bush and fence off a good garden area. Even if you can't live there right now, visit as often as you can and prepare the gardens and start growing your own food. IF there is a financial crises, you will then be in a good position to survive. Work on constructing a dwelling as time and finances allow.

2) Make sure you have evacuation packs for each member of the family, even if you have to do it without their help or knowledge. IF for ANY reason you should have to leave your home, these packs will help you survive. You may get emergency housing from the Department of Housing, but you will only have this for a short time. You may be able to get help from family, but even so these packs may still be needed. In a worst case scenario you will at least be able to camp somewhere and be reasonably comfortable with what you have in and on these packs.

3) Save money, no matter how little at a time. 

4) If you smoke, give it up. If you enjoy a drink, keep it moderate. These vises will cost you a lot of money that can be better used elsewhere, and smoking could cost you your life or the life of one of your family because you are simply not fit enough to do what needs to be done in a crisis.

5) Learn and practice primitive skills. These weigh nothing and could save your life.

6) when adding items to your pack/s there must be a compromise between maximum self-reliance, and minimum weight. Choose your equipment wisely and do not get caught up in purchasing a lot of modern gadgets. 

If there are any particular subjects you would like me to post on, please comment.

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