Saturday, August 6, 2016

Advantages of Prepping With an 18th Century Living History Group.

Advantages of Prepping With an 18th Century Living History Group.
·      Participating in living history activities is fun & educational.
·      Children love living history activities & are able to share the experience with their parents.
·      Children who participate in Historical Trekking become used to carrying their own equipment & getting ready for the trek. IF a shtf situation should arise, the child knows what to do to get ready to leave, no fuss & no worries.
·      As a group member you can train with the local militia which is completely legal & does not attract unwanted attention.
·      You can learn many primitive living & survival skills including flint, steel & tinderbox fire lighting.
·      You can use a variety of period items & learn how to make your own clothing & equipment.
·      You can learn muzzle-loading, archery, sword fighting & tomahawk throwing.
·      You can participate in historical treks & get to actually use your equipment. In this way you are able to choose the right equipment to suit your needs & you will know that it all works.
·      You will learn to set up an oilcloth shelter & construct other primitive shelters.
·      Lone wolves can still take advantage of group membership either by learning from the group instructors, or by participating on the group’s internet forum.
This is the New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760 forum address if you are interested:

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