Saturday, January 3, 2015

More Info On The Proposed Revolution In Australia.

Please share to EVERYONE so they can join us.
Go onto the FB page below and read about what happened to our Constitution and where we are today.
Everyone will realise that our Constitutional RIGHTS are still in tact and the government CANNOT dissolve our Constitution, that is why we "The People" still rule supreme.
But have a read it will bring you up to date on our RIGHTS, LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS and yes it is a longish read but it isn't over 1000 pages which our Constitution is, so you will get all the Facts you need to know in 15 minutes of reading.

WE are having a revolution, to remove the current political parties and implement Independent Candidates as the Constitution so states.
The Constitution never intended to have political parties or swapping of preferences, it has always been intended to be one vote only for one Independent Candidate, the Candidate with the most votes becomes Prime Minister.
We intend to re-implement the Constitution and all major laws are to be voted on by "The People" by way of a Citizen's Initiated Referendum, the majority of votes from each state determines if it is to become law, it is only then that the Constitution can be changed, it is a True Democracy System which is what the Framers of the Constitution intended.
This will continue to protect "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia"!
Join our REVOLUTION and take back our RIGHTS!

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