Friday, January 9, 2015

IMPORTANT!!! Organizers Wanted Australia Wide.

Lyn Bennetts

We need YOU to help make this happen, will you be an Organiser? Please share this with EVERYONE, as we need a lot of volunteers.
We need Organisers for every City and Larger Town in Australia, many people can't travel to the city for whatever reason so we are asking that they show their support in very Large Towns, we therefore need Organisers for your Large Town and Every City in Australia. WILL YOU STEP UP AND BE AN ORGANISER? Your job will be easy!
All Organisers will be presented with the exact same lawful documentation that is to be read out to "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" and Parliament and Government Officials on the day of our March. Once these Documents have been read out your job is complete; it's as simple as that, you just read the script so that EVERYONE Walks the Same WALK and Talks the Same TALK!
You will not have to answer questions as EVERYONE being "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia" will all be there for the same reason and they will know that any major issues they have will be dealt with by Citizen Initiated Referendums after the Constitution 1900 has been re-instated. Government Ministers can deal with us direct if they have any questions, but in any case once the Notices are read out it is then official and is more for "The People" than the Government as they have already been served official notification.
The Mandate, Writ, Notices and Moratorium addressed to the Government will be to notify them that have been officially removed from parliament and lawfully set up 1. To officially remove the current corrupt corporate government from power. 2. To Reinstate the original Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia 1900 and all it's RIGHTS, LIBERTIES and FREEDOM's back to "The People of the COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA".
You will start your presentation with these words This is a "NON VIOLENT REVOLUTION of The People of the Commonwealth of Australia". You will be required to then read the following Lawful Notices on behalf of "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia".
1. A MANDATE: A Powerful Lawful Document that is to be read out on the day to put The Government on Notice to resign their seats by order of "The People of The Commonwealth of Australia", WE WHO RULE SUPREME!
2. A WRIT: Calling for a new Election of Independent Candidates.
3. INDEPENDENCE DAY DECLARATION: Notifying "The People and the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia" that, the day of our Revolution March is to be from that day on "The Commonwealth of Australia's Independence Day"! This day will be an OFFICIAL PUBLIC HOLIDAY NATION WIDE; INCLUDING THE DAY OF OUR MARCH AND EVERY DAY THAT; THAT DATE FALLS ON EACH YEAR THEREAFTER! Please Note: This declaration will NOT be the RIGHTS contained within our Declaration as that has to be voted on by a Citizen's Initiated Referendum which will end up being the actual INDEPENDENCE DAY DECLARATION and that Declaration will be used to open our Independence Day Celebrations every year there after. This will be a notice declaring the day as our Independence Day.
4. A NOTICE OF MORATORIUM: That "The People" will issue to government departments that places a moratorium on any payments of Infringement Notices, Tolls, Rates, Taxes etcetera, this notice will list what payments this can be used for. "The People" will be encouraged to download and use this notice and is for the period that it takes all Government Ministers both State and Federal to resign their seats and new Candidates to take their place.
We will provide you with all the information you require to make the Revolution from your end run smoothly.
After the Mandate and Notices have been read out "The People" can then go about enjoying the rest of AUSTRALIA'S FIRST INDEPENDENCE DAY and can disperse to their chosen areas where their children under the age of 18 can then join them.
We have received a large number of interested people for the positions as Organisers, can you please inbox me again with Your Name: Contact Details: Mobile: Email: Which City or Large Town you wish to be the Organiser of? We still require more organisers so please STAND UP AND DO YOUR BIT.
Please Note: DO NOT put these details on this thread. Please inbox me these details and they will be released all at once in the next few weeks. Also please consider getting a BAT PHONE, this is as simple as purchasing a $2 SIM card from your local supermarket, it is this number that you give out to your us and your group and once the Revolution is complete you can discard the sim and return to your usual phone number, this is ideal for protection of your privacy.
THE MEDIA: Will be invited to attend to air our Revolution on every TV Channel across the Nation, if they do so; this will be their first show of true patriotism to our Country; IF NOT it doesn't matter, it will make the Notices issued to government no less lawful.
Please join and share this information.

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