Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Dangers Of Using 1080 Poison In Our Environment.

My sincere thanks to R.C. Hurly and my good friend Russ Tyenna for bringing these problems to my further attention.

1080 poison is dangerous, it has been banned in other countries, and yet the New Zealand and Australian governments are still using this poison. It is dangerous to all native wildlife, domestic stock, fish and humans. I have banned the use of 1080 on my property, the government is not pleased with me, they told me so on the phone. Please watch these videos.

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  1. Keith, 1080 is really bad news. It has been banned where I live for many years. It was used mainly to control ground squirrels and to some extent to poison coyotes. It is a secondary poison, meaning that anything that eats an animal that has died from 1080 will also die. A squirrel dies from 1080, along comes a scavenger or domestic dog and it eats the squirrel, and that animal or bird will die too. Really bad stuff, and I'm glad to see it gone.