Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nationals party votes to remove all subsidies for renewable energy. Sabotage!

Barnaby Joyce: "We have no problem in coal fire power." Photo: Andrew Meares

The greed & corruption within our government knows no bounds. We could have been a leader in alternative power, but due to our corrupt government we have missed the boat. Now we see more sabotage for the sake of money in politicians pockets!!! What will it take for the Australian people to revolt & kick this government & the whole corrupt system out?!

Our farmers are doing it hard with the government prioritising mining over farming, some farmers having committed suicide! Protesters against mining companies on farm land can now be arrested! What we have in Australia is "Big Government" & "Corporatism"! Every day it seems we are losing more human rights, more freedoms. We are seeing more attacks on law abiding firearms owners, WHY?
Wake up Australia! Do something!

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