Thursday, February 12, 2015


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  1. The political structure of this country NEEDS to be changed so that the people are in power of this supposed democracy... The people are not stupid, they know that they are being ruled by a corporatocracy not political parties.... ALL POLITICAL PARTIES NEED TO BE REFUSED POSITIONS TILL THE STRUCTURE IS CHANGED


  2. Most democratic countries in the world are losing their democracies and are slowly sliding into tyranny. The US is a prime example. This has happened because we are ruled by just a few hundred people in who constitute the federal governments of all of our countries.
    This happens be because its very easy for a the extremely rich, powerful and influential to corrupt the government of the day through blackmail, coercion, corruption, threats and violence and intimidation.
    This arrangement of having a country ruled by just a few hundred people suits the interests of the powers that be very well.
    So what should be done about it? Well, for me; and this applies in all countries, the solution is:

    1. recognise that having xyz millions of people being 'governed' by just a few hundred people may have been appropriate for a bygone era such as before telephones and the internet.

    2. Recognise also that for the elite it is and has a relatively simple task to influence, corrupt, debase, intimidate and control just a few hundred people than it is to intimidate, threaten, corrupt and control millions of people. This current situation where the elite only have to deal with a few hundred people suits their interests extremely well.

    3. Recognise to that the unknown and the untried are not automatically better just because we don't know, appreciate or have experienced the downside of the the unknown.

    4. Recognise also that if we are to have government of the people, for the people, we must become a referendum driven society.

    5. Recognise that a society driven by referendums becomes very hard to corrupt, threaten, intimidate and control. In a referendum driven society, the rich, the powerful, the influential are rendered powerless because we the people vastly outnumber them.

    Government are supposed to be servants not rulers. We the people, are supposed to be the executive government, we the people are the Senate or the Upper House.

    Democracy is about much more than casting a vote every xyz years and then be relegated to spectators on the sidelines until the next election, that arrangement is only a pretend democracy.

    In a real democracy we the people instruct the government what to implement. In a real democracy we the people rule the government.

    Democracy is like some other things, use it or loose it. If we want a democracy we have to be prepared to do a bit of work to get it and keep it. Participating in the democratic process is a responsibility that goes with self government and freedom.

    Electing a government to 'rule' for xyz years may have been appropriate in an era where communications were like they were before telephones and the internet.

    So what do I mean by becoming a referendum driven society?

    Well, for example:

    No government would be permitted to send troops to fight on foreign soil until we the people have approved of it in a referendum.

    No government can sign any international agreement or conventions until we the people have ratified it first through a referendum. The entire agreement or convention would have to be published on the web for 3 months before the referendum.

    No government could implement Obama Care until we the people have first given our approval through a referendum before it can become law.

    No government could create a central bank until we the people have first given our approval through a referendum before it can become law.

    Moreover, all referendum decisions would automatically have a sunset clause in them. This would give we the people the opportunity to 'undo' a previous approval after having experienced the approved decision.