Sunday, August 10, 2014

Preserving Potatoes Long Term.

Dried Potato Chips for Storing.
These dried potato chips are not for eating as are, you will need to reconstitute by steaming or boiling. They dry literally rock hard.
The Recipe:
1)    Wash potatoes & peel if necessary.
2)    Steam or boil until cooked but still firm. This is done by checking frequently and testing with a knife which is slim enough not to split the potato. I steamed mine and they took 20 minutes.
3)    Place immediately into ice water, either whilst still in the steamer top, or by placing in a colander, or by draining the hot water off and covering with cold water from the tap or fridge. I left mine in ice water for a couple of minutes which was enough to cool them down so I could handle them.
4)    Slice into chips as thick or as thin as you like and place on cooling racks. If you have a wood fired stove, place in the oven with the door open. If you have the fire open, do not place the rack too close to the top of the oven. The fire can be open or closed and you can leave overnight. Alternately you can also place racks on top of the stove, or even on top of a wood heater if you have one, or you can sun dry.

My potato chips dried rock hard and slightly transparent. If kept dry they should keep for years if necessary.
Hard dried potato chips in a basket.

Apple being dried in the oven and on top of the stove.

Office trays being used to dry foods over the stove on the rack.

Apple rings being dried on a rack on the heater top.


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