Friday, August 15, 2014

Democracy or Dictatorship? Is this the thin edge of the wedge?

The problem with Hockey & Abbott may go a lot deeper than just not caring, but it does appear, on the surface at least, that they expect the wealthy to play, whilst the poor work. Hockey's comment about the poor not owning cars, or, not driving very far is beyond rude. Cars are home to some homeless poor, cars get poor people to work, & cars, if they can afford the bloody fuel costs can enable some people a pleasure drive into the country on a weekend.
The budget does appear to be aimed at making the poor work & pay to keep the rich in a position of leisure. How in the hell did a country like ours get the citizens in such a position? No longer do we get a fair go, no longer do we all have equal rights. So what is this? A dictatorship poorly disguised as democracy? We have created a monster to run this country & this countries people, & there appears to be nothing we can lawfully do about it. Who will get in next time? How crook will they be?!!! Is this, for us, the thin edge of the wedge? 
I wonder what it will take to make the people as a whole stand up & say NO? No to mining, no to pollution, no to more rates rises, no to burning fossil fuels instead of using solar, no to denying many people the right to pursue happiness. There has to be a better way of governing/guiding than what we have right now.
End of rant.

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