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Thoughts For The Week By Ron Owen.

Thoughts For The Week
We have Elections coming again and even though we might not be able to break up the big parties dictatorship, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer,. When you see the election tents with the party names on the top, stop ask to speak to the candidates. Remind them of the impositions that their parties have placed on innocent law abiding firearm owners, tell them why you and your friends and Family will always put the big parties last on their voting tickets.



All of the Major Parties have forgotten the Australian working man. Shooter s Union advocate to put the sitting member last, except for the seat of Gympie. As Mp Tony Perrett sat on the cross benches and refused to vote for the last useless legislation that was imposed on us prior to the last election.


Don’t wait till election day. Thanks to email, facebook, Twitter, Instagram and actual human speech (old school I know) it has never been easier to communicate with candidates call in at the market Election tents and brig some reality to their ego’s.
Remind them of the Freedoms that their parties have stolen from the people and that by themselves standing for those parties they are a party to the theft of our rights. They are now supporting these parties they are part of the guilt of treason against the people of Australia.
The Fight For Freedom.
Your Grandfathers, Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunts Great Uncles fought, sacrificed and thousands gave their lives up, to keep our way of life, in Freedom. For Us, who have inherited their sacrifice. ‘Freedom’ is a forgotten concept a way of life, that has been real in the distant past but given up, as unworkable in Australia. Like the idealism of Camelot, something that, once was, ‘Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot’. Camelot was an appealing symbol of hope, of truth, and of loyalty to others, above oneself. At its core it contains the aspirations of mankind, and despite our human failure to attain it. The vision inspired generations.
Why Are We Returning To the Tyranny of the Dark Ages.

Where did the idea of Freedom come from, why was this idealism so strong in the British culture, why did it prevail in the nations of the world whose nations ancestors populated Britain. Why has that idealism been suppressed over the last 50 years?
You may have noticed that the basis of innocent until proved guilty, by a jury of your peers, the rights to ownership of property, the right to defend your family, your property and your own life, the right to free travel through the nation, without inhibition, (show your papers) the right to free speech and now in Victoria any public servant who has just the suspicion that some other person is in breach of the law, can have you arrested. We are fined and have impositions placed on us without cause, just because we are licenced shooters. In past times we were all equal under the law, now there is a law for the government and a separate law for the rest of the population.

 Why Have Our Fore Fathers Fought So Hard and Long For Freedom?

When our forefathers went to war for six years or longer what was it that they wanted so badly that they were willing to exchange their lives to protect? It was not just because the State conscripted them, over half of the men who served in WW 2 volunteered and all in WW 1. Freedom and make the world a better place. Camelot revisited, but it worked.
Why is it more meaningful to the countries that have inherited the British (Scotland, Wales, Ireland & England) law and culture? Is it because, that is where it was first established and where it has survived, (until recently) the longest.

 It was good propaganda for the Romans to write off the Britons as barbarians and ignore the thousand years of laws ad culture that they destroyed,


The Celtic, or Common Law.
History implies that there was one original Celtic law used by many Celtic Septs, or Clans, or tribes, races of people who had slight variations of this law to suit their circumstance. (see Brehon law, Cyfraith Hywel) The Brehon Laws governed everyday life and politics in Briton until the Norman invasion of 1066. (the word “Brehon” is an Anglicisation of breitheamh (earlier brithem or later Briton) These common chords also merit attention on account of their antiquity. They were framed by Dyvnwal Moelmud, who flourished about 400 years before the Christian era, two thousand, four hundred years ago.”

 Once there was a fleeting wisp of glory!

The Molmutine laws form the basis of current English common law. They are ancient and have been in place virtually since the beginning of our history, implemented by King Brutus’s (our first known King according to the Venerable Bede) successor King Molmutius. A form of them were practiced up until the time of King Alfred the Great. King Alfred worked tirelessly to reform and update our legal system, and used the Molmutine precepts as his basis, he even had the laws translated into Latin. Other versions were “Triads of the Island of Britain” which are a group of related texts in medieval manuscripts which preserve fragments of Welsh folklore, mythology and traditional history in groups of three. The triad is a rhetorical form whereby objects are grouped together in threes, with a heading indicating the point of likeness.

 The Molmutine laws were hundreds of years old when King of the Britons were forced to surrendered to the Roman General Agricola. They survived and are the foundation of Common law.

 These laws have been oppressed by the Romans, the Vikings, the Normans and prevailed, due to the logic that Might is Not Right that Rights are greater than Might. Yes Survived to be oppressed by the New Socialist Order.

To read them in Full. Go to.


The Molmutine laws form the basis of current English common law.



The Molmutine Laws
The sections of this law that are being constantly breached by our Australian Governments are,
“There are three tests of Civil Liberty,—equality of rights—equality of taxation—freedom to come and go.
There are three causes which ruin a State,—inordinate privileges—corruption of justice—national apathy.
There are three things which cannot be considered solid longer than their foundations are solid,—peace, property, and law.
Three things are indispensable to a true union of Nations, —sameness of laws, rights, and language.
There are three things free to all Britons,—the forest, the unworked mine, the right of hunting wild creatures.
There are three things which are private and sacred property in every man,, his wife, his children, his domestic chattels.
There are three things belonging to a man which no law of men can touch, fine, or transfer,—his wife, his children, and the instruments of his calling; for no law can unman a man, or uncall a calling.
There are three orders against whom no weapon can be bared—the herald, the bard, the head of a clan.
There are three of private rank, against whom no weapon can be bared,—a woman, a child under fifteen, and an unarmed man.
There are three civil birthrights of every Briton,—the right to go wherever he pleases—the right, wherever he is, to protection from his land and sovereign—the right of equal privileges and equal restrictions.
There are three property birthrights of every Briton,—five (British) acres of land for a home— the right of armorial bearings(Arms)–the right of suffrage (Voting) in the enacting of the laws, the male at twenty-one, the female on her marriage.
There are three guarantees of society,—security for life and limb—security for property— security of the rights of nature.
There are three things the safety of which depends on that of all the others,—the sovereignty— national courage—just administration of the laws.
There are three things which every Briton may legally be compelled to attend,—the worship of God—military service—and the courts of law.
For three things a Briton is pronounced a traitor, and forfeits his rights, emigration—collusion with an enemy —surrendering himself, and living under an enemy.
There are three orders who are exempt from bearing arms,(bearing arms is a duty not a gift)—the bard—the judge,—the graduate in law or religion. These represent God and his peace, and no weapon must ever be found in their hand.
There are three ends of law,—prevention of wrong, —punishment for wrong inflicted—insurance of just retribution.”
These laws, the Ancient laws of Briton are the foundation of Western Civilisation they are the roots of Magna Carta, the Statues of Edward, The Statute of Habeas Corpus, the Petition of Rights, the Bill of Rights 1689 and the American Bill of Rights. Even the Australian Constitutions upholds some of the principles of these Ancient laws of Briton.
For 60 years these Rights and Duties have been under attack from the laws of Socialism, laws that put the State and all that work for the State in a tyranny above the common people, the common wealth.
Now we have tyrant governments that give us no suffrage, they give us no choice, like the Communists who give the people a choice of one party, we are give a choice of two parties with the same objectives, party A or party B, both disarm us, leave us defenceless, both remove our freedom to come and go, both declare equality but have a law for government and a law for the people.

Our politicians make inordinate privileges for themselves such as armed protection, huge salaries and pensions, they corrupt justice, by enforcing laws that are victimless with enormous penalties, laws that protect their position of the State, and make light of penalties that protect a victim, they foster national apathy and send money extorted from the people to aid foreign enemies of Australia.
Our tyrants took our property, our firearms, broke them melted them down, licensed us, stole our property some of it held for generations, and imposed fines on us for our crime of wanting to hold on to our firearms our property, even though we have done no wrong. This was the first of a long chain of attacks on our property rights and the right to follow our calling, our profession. Farmers have lost their water, they have lost the right to use their properties. Farms have been resumed for National Parks where government men can drive where they please and the common people have to pay to walk. They have banned hunting on the Common ground Crown land.


Lionel Murphy a Labour Politician who was appointed to the High Court., He asked another Judge to help his old mate, and appointed Michael Kirby as Law Commissioner.


Our false leaders have destroyed our national courage and made a farce of the administration of the laws by appointing judges that are guilty of the same crimes as those brought before them. There is truth at the base of those jokes concerning, their Honours  Daffney, Underpants, F….. face. Some will remember.
If not visit this site.
Departments of History & Government, University of Queensland & Blackwell Publishers 1999. Political Chronicles page 575.
“According to the Children’s Commission there were 300 hard core active
paedophiles operating in Queensland, many of whom had been protected by police.
The report claimed that paedophiles included “two or three judges, a former
cabinet minister, former MPs from both sides of politics and senior police” (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 1997). The report also criticised the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) for not actively investigating alleged paedophile networks. A major battle then ensued between the Children’s Commission and the CJC over their respective roles and over the release of evidence in official files. However, in November the Courier-Mail revealed that one of Alford’s staff was being investigated for drug-dealing using a government car. It was also revealed that the 22-year old staffer, Michael Bimie, had become a personal friend of Alford’s after they met at a MacDonald’s takeaway in Toowong and there was some suggestion
that Alford had used his influence to have Birnie appointed to the Commission — a charge denied by Alford. In November 1998 Alford was forced to stand down for the duration of an official investigation into the allegations” (see Australian Journal
of Politics and History 45(2): 276).
“The sordid scandal intensified when revealing pictures of Alford and Bimie
were published. The photographs were taken at Alford’s home and showed them in bed together, in the bath and posing half-clad. Previously Alford had claimed that there had been no physical or improper relationship between himself and Birnie.”
These days all of that goes un reported, while free speech is denied under the false law called discrimination law.


Labour MP Keith Wright once Premier of Queensland.
In December 1993 he was convicted and jailed for nine years for raping and indecently dealing with two young girls.
Labour MP Andrew Theophanou in 2002 convicted of Bribery and Fraud ,6 years jail.
Labour MP Rex Jackson in 1987 convicted of Accepting Bribes 10 years jail Former Minister for Corrective Services. Increased from 7½ years on appeal
Labour MP Milton Orkopoulos in 2008 convicted of 33 counts, including child sex and drug offences received 13 years and 8 months.
Labour MP Eddie Obeid in 2016 Misconduct in public office 5 years (non-parole period of 3 years) Failing to declare his precuniary interest while a member of parliament and subsequent attempts to influence bureaucrats and Labor colleagues so as to benefit his family.
Labour MP Bill D’Arcy in 2000 for 200 child sex offences, 11 years (non-parole period 7 years.
Labour MP Gordon Nuttall 2009, 2011 for Corruption, receiving secret commissions, theft 15 years (non-parole period 10 years).


It’s a long list and these a just a few examples or the ones that got caught, but these same people incorrectly select our Judges. Incorrectly, as per our constitutions it’s the Governors who chose the Judges and the Monarch choses and appoints the Governors, but our politicians have ignored and by passed our Constitution. For a complete list click on this link.
Collusion with the Enemy.


The Powder Keg.


Our Political Leader’s leave us Defenceless and send 10 Billion dollars to the Asia Development Bank .
Our Australian dollars pay for Chinese Companies to build huge infer structure in New Guinea and other countries. This is treason, aid to a foreign power and should cease immediately.


Australia also pay out USD738 million paid-in capital to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The Banks headquarters are in Beijing and Jin Liqun is President of this Chinese Bank.


This satellite Map shows how close the Japanese came to Australia, (they could see Port Moresby. The Chinese are there already.


How is Australia Supposed to Benefit?
Our Australian Companies are supposed to get a share of the work when in reality the billions of dollars worth of work on offer will simply be doled out to Chinese companies. What’s more the locals in New Guinea, Timor and the Pacific Islands thank the Chinese for airports, roads and ports and the struggle to pay the Chinese Banks / Government back.
The total value of Asia Development Bank projects in PNG is just over US$3 billion. Of that, US$1.82 billion has gone into the transport sector—roads, airports and ports.What is now of real concern is that increasingly ADB-funded projects in PNG have been awarded to a small group of People’s Republic of China construction companies.
Large contracts have gone to Chinese companies, most notably the state-owned conglomerate China Railway Construction and Engineering Group. As far back as 2012, China Railway won the lucrative contract for the Lae Port redevelopment, funded by the Asia Development Bank (partly Australian money) in a process which former PNG urban development minister Ken Fairweather says was hardly competitive. The stranglehold that Chinese companies have over the construction sector in PNG has been tightening for some years, and began well before PNG signed up to the Belt and Road Initiative in 2018.



The only ones left standing of the 39th Batt after holding back the Japs in PNG.


China Empire Building at Our Expense.
Today, it is so dominant that for most PNG government contracts, including those funded by the Asia Development Bank Australian, New Zealand and even PNG construction companies no longer bother tendering.
Chinese companies are currently implementing an ADB-funded program that involves upgrading no less than eight provincial airports right across PNG. Australian and PNG construction companies have not had a look-in.
It’s the same story in road construction and rehabilitation. More than US$1 billion worth of Asia Development Bank contracts have gone to Chinese companies in and around Port Moresby, Lae and Mount Hagen. To that can be added hundreds of millions of dollars for smaller projects elsewhere in PNG.


Will the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels help the Australians or the Chinese next time?


And there’s an even greater sense of urgency now that the PNG government is planning a massive national roadworks program over the next decade or more which is worth around A$8 billion dollars. How such a program can be funded by any sort of Bank at a time when PNG’s debt-to-GDP ratio is around 50%, and headed for an eye-watering 60%-plus in the near future, remains to be seen.
Australia is not entitled to seek a privileged position for our construction companies in relation to Asia Development Bank or the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which it pours taxpayer money into in New Guinea or anywhere else. However,we are entitled to stop paying the Billions of dollars to these Chinese controlled Banks, so they can carry out Chinese Empire building in its satellite colonies.



The Australians the men who fought the rear guard which eventually turned back the Japs. This saved Australia in 1942.


In World War One and World War Two Australians our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and great uncles fought in New Guinea notably in World War Two on the Kokoda Track to stop the Japanese advance to invade Australia. Now the people we vote for extort billions from us to pay to our enemies so that they can buy the control and resources of New Guinea, for their advance on Australia.



They sacrificed for our current generations. We are soft and cannot even keep our politicians from selling out Australia.


In Molmutine laws of those past golden days of Camelot, what penalties would the people impose on political leaders who ‘colluded with an enemy’, I’m sure that they would be pronounced a traitor, and receive a traitors death of hang drawn and quartering? We urgently need leaders who recognise all of the above and have the ability to mobilise firearm owners and the population to defend our families, our lives and our children’s future.


There is no Spring without Winter, without Mistakes there is no Learning. There is no Life without Death, without Doubts there is no Faith. There is no Peace without War, without Fear there is no Courage. For without Mistakes, Doubts and Fears there are no pathways to Wisdom.
Ron Owen



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