Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Are You Prepared For What Is Coming?

It is now too late to stop anthropogenic global warming & climate change. If the world were to stop the burning of fossil fuels by the end of 2020, then those of us who have prepared may stand some chance of surviving. The longer the world continues to burn fossil fuels, the more our chances of survival are diminished.
The wealthy have already purchased a place in a plush survival bunker, most of us do not have that option. Without a constant supply of good drinking water & food in a bunker, your survival time is limited. If you live in the city, start preparing to leave. If you can purchase land out bush for an off grid survival retreat, then do so as soon as possible.
When society collapses within the next few decades or sooner, the city will not be a safe place. There will be no water, no food, no security, no electricity. Crime will soar, home invasions & looting will be a daily norm. I can't see many city people surviving.

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