Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Making A Trekking Trolley or Long Distance Hiking Trolley from a 1930s G...

A long distance hiking trolley or trekking trolley could be the answer to carrying your bug out gear. You still have the weight when going up steep inclines, but the weight is not on your hips or shoulders. If you are travelling in company, you will have help going up hills, & you can take turns at pulling the trolley.
I have made & used Travois, & I have made one using old wheelbarrow parts & bush poles. This one I have made from a 1930s gold bag trolley, old bicycle parts & a vehicle seat belt. I can make improvements on this design with a little more work & sourcing of more parts, but I wanted to make this trolley without using a welder & just using parts I had around the place. You may not have a golf bag trolley, but this video may give you some ideas of your own.

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