Friday, January 12, 2018


This is a sawn-off pump action Breech-Loading shotgun seized by police from criminals, this is what criminals use. They do NOT use black powder muzzle-loading pistols. So why are flintlocks, wheellocks & matchlocks on a restrictive firearms licence? Either it is because of sheer ignorance, or they simply could not be bothered to distinguish a muzzle-loading pistol from a modern breech-loading pistol when they drafted the legislation. None of these pistols is capable of firing modern cartridge ammunition.

Please sign my petition asking the government to take primitive muzzle-loading pistols off the restrictive H class licence & place them with other muzzle-loading guns on the less restrictive B class licence.
Thank you.

This is a matchlock muzzle-loading pistol, it requires a smouldering matchcord to make it fire.
This is a wheellock muzzle-loading pistol, it requires a key to wind up the lock, & a piece of iron pyrite rock to make it fire.
This is the most sophisticated of the muzzle-loading pistols that I want removing from the H class licence. This is a flintlock, it requires a piece of hard rock clamped in the jaws of the cock to make it fire. All three of these pistols require black powder & only black powder to be placed in the pan & down the muzzle of the barrel to make them fire.

How smart are you? Smarter than the average law maker? Do you think that in this day & age a criminal would even know how to use one of these guns let alone bother when they can easily access a modern gun?

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