Friday, December 8, 2017

The Government is Trying to Gag GetUp & its Petitions!!!

Fight for our independence
The Turnbull Government just introduced a "GetUp clause" specifically designed to curb our movement's power. We need hundreds more people joining the GetUp Crew to protect our independent movement.

Eric Abetz and his hard right cronies know they're about to fail for the third time to force Getup members to become an "associated entity" of the ALP and the Greens.

Even worse, they're trying to legislate a gag order on charities fighting to protect the rights of children, people who are homeless and our environment – while letting multinational corporations cut politicians blank cheques.

This is more than an attack on civil society – it's a sinister abuse of government power to silence those who speak out against it.

We need to defend the right of everyday people to participate in democracy and civil society. And that means fighting back with everything we've got. Can you join the Getup Crew ? 

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