Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is Australia Preparing for Yet Another Gun Grab?

Please read this article. Something is very wrong when a government bans the use of anything that can be used in self-defence. Tony Abbott is totally corrupt, prioritising mining over farming, cutting funding to women in crisis community services & much more. Now he wants to further restrict the use of firearms by law abiding citizens??? Something is in the wind here & I don't like it one little bit.

We NEED to get rid of the Abbott government & demolish the two party system. We NEED a better government system, one that works for the ordinary people & not just for the mining magnates!!! Is Abbott afraid that he has pushed us too far? Is Abbott afraid that we the people may revolt?

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  1. Keith,
    Just recently a network here in the US called MHz has been showing news and talk programs from other nations. I had no idea how very much in common we have with so many Australians, or that you all are being taxed to death with a 54% tax rate with a tax on every bank deposit potentially coming soon. Best wishes with mastering the necessary evil of the federal government.......evil being the operative word here.