Monday, November 15, 2021

Can global warming be limited to 1.5 degrees after COP26? | DW News


I think what needs to be done to stop climate change is just too big for governments to handle, & the majority of people in the cities do not want to have to change their environmentally damaging lifestyles. It is easier for the governments to wait until disasters happen, & then put their energies into cleaning up the mess. Having said that I must point out that the Australian government never did finish helping the people after the last catastrophic climate change wildfires.
I believe the only way to stop climate change is to change society to function on a more primitive technology, & to stop the burning of fossil fuels completely & immediately. This would be a tremendous task, but I think it is the only way to save humanity from societal collapse, total chaos leading to many deaths & eventually possible the extinction of the human race within the next 80–100 years.


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