Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spromise "S358J" 3G Trail Camera (full setup with install and picture/vi...

I have been thinking of getting a trail or farm camera, & of course I would prefer to get one from someone that is local. Security is important to me, but I am also interested in using such a camera for taking pics of wildlife in the forest. I must wait & see. Priorities govern where I spend our money, so getting one of these may have to wait for a while. I can see there a variety of areas where this sort of camera could come in handy, such as our wood shed, our front gate, areas where we know poachers have entered our property, so placing one of these to watch a particular fence line could be useful.

Obviously this video review is not one of mine, but this bloke does cover the technical side of the camera very well, probably better than I could. Anyway, something for you to think about. I would certainly like to have one of these watching our yard & road, especially when we are not at home.
Take care out there.

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