Monday, July 27, 2015

The Daily Telegraph Spreading Lies & Misinformation.

Adler 110

Winchester model 1887

Marlin shotgun.

Winchester rifle.

Winchester model 1873
Or perhaps the Adler 110 would be more acceptable to the editor of the Sunday Telegraph & other members of the anti-gun lobby if the Adler 110 came in pink?!

If you should wish to send a comment to the Sunday Telegraph, it's contact is"

To: The Editor, Daily Telegraph.
With your'e editorial on this you have shown a complete disregard for country living Australians. At the age of 67 year old rural property owner & resident you should call me a gun freak?! You use misinformation & lies for what, to sell your paper, or do you have another reason? Assault weapon? Massacre weapon? What absolute sensationalism bullshit! Rubbish, no more an assault weapon than any other item used to assault someone. Lever action guns have been in Australia since the 19th century, what is so different about this one? I am very disappointed in the Editor & your editorial.
Sincerely, Keith H. Burgess.

This is the sort of rubbish we as law abiding gun owning citizens have to put up with. Bad enough to have a complete bung hole for a prime minister, we now have to put up with the same bullshit from the media!!!

Rural land holders have a responsibility to eradicate feral animals. Have you ever been charged by a wild boar? I have. Have you ever been attacked by feral dogs? I have. I consider it my right to be able to dispatch feral animals in the most efficient way I can, & my right to be able to protect myself from harm or death when doing so. Yet this Editor dares to refer to me & others like me as a "Gun Freak"!

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