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Lyn Bennetts
17 May at 00:18


"Sir Peter John Cosgrove"
of the Commonwealth of Australia,
On behalf of
"The People of The Commonwealth of Australia".


We "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" hereby give Notice That;
the Governor General
"Sir Peter Cosgrove" is to effect a Writ to call a plebiscite of
"The People of the Commonwealth of Australia"
to address the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

We "The People" hereby put on Notice, the Government of Australia being Anthony John Abbott PM, "Tony Abbott", ABBOTT Anthony John, ANTHONY JOHN ABBOTT and all of the Liberal and Labor MP Members of Parliament and all Ministers of the Commonwealth of Australia that;
You the Government (outlined above) have NO LAWFUL RIGHT to decide for "The People of Australia" on such an important matter; as to whether we the Commonwealth of Australia will sign any agreement regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership.
We "The People" therefore, DEMAND our RIGHT to a "Plebiscite of The People" on this URGENT WORLD TRADE AGREEMENT and state that; No Agreement will be bound upon us or be honoured by "The People of Australia"!
This Government DOES NOT decide for us "The People of Australia" on the Trans Pacific Agreement.
ANY and ALL Agreements MUST BE Transparent by ALL PARTIES or the agreement is VOID, NOT LAWFUL, it WILL NOT be HONOURED, it WILL NOT have any LEGAL OR LAWFUL STANDING or be BINDING on or within the Realm of The Commonwealth of Australia and it will be treated with the CONTEMPT it deserves.

We "The People" under the "GREAT SEAL OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" have spoken, this is our Constitutional WILL and RIGHT under the Constitution Act 1900 (UK) to hold a "Citizen Initiated Referendum" whereby, the Governor General "Sir Peter John Cosgrove" of Australia is hereby commanded by "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" to issue a Writ to effect a Plebiscite; a Referendum of "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" on the matter of the
Prior to this referendum it is the responsibility of Sir Peter Cosgrove and Tony Abbott PM as so known and outlined above, to ensure "The People" are presented the FACTS and EVIDENCE in a transparent advertising campaign of both FOR and AGAINST and the BENEFITS and PITFALLS of the proposal to become a party to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.
In addition, the entire TPP agreement is to be disclosed to "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" before anything is signed or agreed to on our behalf.

Failing this "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" will hold the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove of Australia in Contempt for Treason and any Government Minister or Prime Minister signing such an agreement without "The WILL of The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" will also be charged with Treason, Fraud and Tyranny of "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia"!
You have been notified and served.

Written for and on behalf of the "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia".

Dated this 17th day of May in the year of two thousand and fifteen.

Yours Sincerely

Lynette Ellen Bennetts
Commonwealth Public Official
OF "The People" FOR "The People" BY "The People".

Lyn Bennetts
AGAINST Tyranny, Fraud, Treason and Political Corruption.

I urge "The People of the Commonwealth of Australia" to write to The Governor General and the Prime Minister.
• You can either write your own letter and send it to the GG on his website which is the (the first link below) it only accepted 2500 words or
• Copy my letter and email it to the GG's second link but remove my name and put yours on it instead
Address it to
Dear Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove at
Email to:

Tony ABBOTT'S website accepts 10,000 words, so please send a copy to

Anthony John Abbott at


Commonwealth Public Officials will also be sending a copy of this letter to the above responsible parties.

Thank you

Lyn Bennetts
Contact your PM | Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP, leads an accountable and open government that welcomes your views and feedback. You can ask the Prime Minister a question, give advice and pass on well-wishes using the form below.

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