Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fire-Bow Fire Lighting for Australians. VIDEO.

Making fire with a hand drill was not an option for me. I have had a Repeditive Strain Injury in both arms now for about 26 years. The fire-bow I thought was an option, but still I needed to make fire as quickly and easily as I could. Finally I perfected a way using Australian native flora materials, and by adding extra plant tinder into the process it made the fire lighting much easier and surer. Having done this I then needed to go through the whole process of making the parts, including the bow cordage, and fire in the rain. The day I went into the bush it was pouring with rain. I carried no tools with me. I made a rock tool, and with that I made the parts of the fire-bow, and I made fire in the pouring rain.

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